Hey! If you’ve been having the issue where you will try to open pesterchum and it will do the loading sign next to your cursor then not actually open, heres how you fix it!

go to Start>search bar>%LOCALAPPDATA%

once you are there go to the pesterchum file. it should open up and give you about 3 or 4 folders along with the pesterchum.js

open up the profiles folder and look at the list of profiles, copy and paste the name that you want to use as your primary profile

now backspace and right click the ‘pesterchum.js’ and choose open with> notepad

scroll through it and find where it says defaultProfile: “__” copy and paste the profile name that you want into the “” part. save and exit out of this!

Major props to  harlyss

for figuring out how to do this! she told me how to fix this when i was having issues and it worked the first try!

I’m realizing I might seem like a huge donk for not thanking you guys individually, but I just wanted to say thanks I reached 28 followers! you all are amazing

Dear Friends,

So I don’t have internet, and I’m not sure for quite how long. Can’t play any games unless I visit my friends house. I hope I’m not horrible at league by the time I return x.x

I’ve as of late been reading alot more tho, got through the first book of the Mistborn series, and its amazing. Diggin into the 2nd, and hopefully I can get my hands on the third book before I finish the second.

Other than reading ._. Its just Osu and the Sims3 to keep me … not bored? Entertained? Yeah sure. I guess I’m getting better at Osu as I go.

I miss the internet ;_;


kimi ni todoke in the rain

totally on a roll since last night, watching o_o kimi ni todoke even though i read the manga but that was a while ago so i dont remember as much still the anime is pretty good omg sawako so cute totally misinterprets alot though haha

aside from that theres like a manga i wanted to read and i wanted to watch psycho pass, how is that by the way?

also raining like hell here, actually no it’d be quite impossible for it to rain in hell… at least i would think so, but yeah raining alot, the streets might flood, and i’ll have a lake in the back yard, sump pumps been going off alot

transdva  asked:

Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez. gogogogo ouo

…are yu serious? xD Ok, ok.

  • E (Religion)- Supposed Catholic but not very religious.
  • S (whats my ringtone)- ._. hmm, I need a new one. It’s called gun, i dont know the song name. “look at you, tiki li koo, chuck another guy/girl? at the back of the q, let me tell ya tumble my mind, slipin on back see what I find, well let me tell that ya that I’m pushed again…etc”
  • T (fav male char from tv show)- umm. ima go with stephen amell who plays oliver queen on arrow.
  • E (very body dance now. DAH DA da da DAH)
  • B (Where I’m from) Illinois, USA
  • A (Age) 20 ._. but I def don’t feel like I am…
  • N (fav day of the year) I’d say Halloween

Round 2. FIGHT!

  • J (fav movie) ._. this ones tough… very tough. Can I say all of them? no thats a lie. Ima go with…. Cars and Finding Nemo
  • U (fav fem char in tv show) uh.. lets go with Ellen DeGeneres
  • L (fav band/singer) ._> MANY many. florence & the machine, imogen heap, eve 6, nataly dawn (pomplamoose), dido. MANY MORE
  • I (eye color) dark brown, yeah just checked 
  • O (fav color) GREEN 

ROUND 3. Is it over yet?

  • R (Last movie I watched) Shrek? didn’ finish it tho, so ima go with Mr & Mrs Smith
  • I (think i saw some burnt orange in there)
  • C (Where I would like to live) somewhere warm, not humid, can be cold sometimes but not too cold pls
  • A (couple years younger is how i feel)
  • R (yu seeing this too?)
  • D (fav food) hmm, ima go with tacos, yeah that sounds good
  • O (MG after green is orange)

ROUND 4. Can I keel Joo?

  • M (random fact=me) i suppose its anything that yu don’t know.. so can i skip this ? Just like ask me something random, yeah that works.
  • Opqrst
  • Nopqrs
  • Tuvwx
  • O/\\/\/\/\/
  • Y (my bday) august 20
  • Alalalalalala

K ima just do the letters that I havn’t done yet.

Z (ever self-harmed) no :0 omg never

Yay I’m done!