Moonlight: A harry and Luna story--Chapter 5

Months passed. Luna saw Ron and Hermione leaving Harry at the Astronomy tower. It was their last day at Hogwarts after Dumbledore’s death. Hermione and Ron gave her an encouraging smile and she returned it to them.. She then continued walking up to Harry who was looking far and away.

She put a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey,” Harry said as he faced her.

Harry took a deep breath. “Snape,” He said, “How could he? Dumbledore trusted him.” Harry was crying once more, “I..can’t..I'm…He’s gone.”

“He’s not really gone, you know?” Luna told him, “Like your godfather. Like my mother.”

“But he’s Dumbledore…He shouldn’t have died.”

“Death will come get all of us, Harry,” Luna said, “But we’re still here. We’re still alive. And Dumbledore still will look after you. I know.”

“He’s getting stronger,” Harry said, “Voldemort.”

Luna nodded her head, “But you’re still stronger than him.”

“But if Dumbledore died—”

“It’s not your fault,” Luna said, “And…things…happen.”

Harry took a deep breath, “I don’t know if I could handle this,” Harry cried and Luna hugged him.

“You could always look in the mirror, you know?” Luna told him.


“The mirror…the one your godfather gave you. It’s curious, but I believe it’s useful…”

Harry didn’t know whether he would believe her or not. But a part of him felt like Luna’s words had meaning. He felt like maybe, she was telling the truth, After all, Luna never lies. And maybe, like her, he should start believing, too.

“You’ll be fine, you know?” Luna said. “When my mother died, my daddy became sad…and then we learned to move on.”

Harry remembered Luna’s mother’s portrait. “Luna,” He said, “Your mom’s portrait…You never clean it…Why?”

“Why should I?” Luna said, “That’s mommy…” She looked far and away and smiled. “Harry, they’re all just behind the veil. We never lose them.”

And though the pain in Harry’s heart didn’t disappear completely, somehow he felt relieved. Things may become harder in time, but he had Luna, and with that he was fine.

“Stay with me, will you?” Harry said, holding her hand.

“I will never let go.”

Luna… she doesn’t change much, she never does, she’s like quite settled in herself but she becomes part of the group this time. She was in the last one but people were just more hesitant to accept her because she was always, looked as the kind of spaced out, the weird one but now Harry, he doesn’t care so much what people think and he’s – yeah, he’s happy to have her as a friend and he values her as a friend. She’s really just happy that she finally has some friends that she can depend on.
—  –evanna lynch
Moonlight: A harry and Luna story--Chapter 3

Chapter 3—Nargles and Mistletoes

Christmas eve at the Lovegoods’ house was incredible, Harry thought. Luna served her special Plimpies soup, Xenophilus made Gurdyroot tea (which they all didn’t wanna drink). Good thing Hermione and Ginny made some Watermelon juice, and Ron’s mother sent some cakes. Neville’s grandmom also sent some Bouillabaisse from France, where she was staying right now. Everyone had a grand time savoring the dishes and talking. After the hefty midnight meal, they opened the gifts under the tree. Xenophilus gave luna a book about Crumple-Horned Snorcacks, which everyone presumed he himself wrote. Ron gave Hermione a SPEW clock, while Hermione gave Ron a maroon sweater, just like what his mom weaves. However, an elf illustration was knitted on it instead of the usual “R”. Neville got another remembrall from his grandmom, and Ginny received a jack-in-the-box from Fred and George. Harry was smiling as he opened Luna’s present: It was a portrait of him, riding a thestral. He caught Luna’s eye as she also opened his present: A thestral necklace. They smiled at each other.

Later that night (or should we say, by dawn?), Harry found Luna standing under a mistletoe. Her eyes reflected the beauty of the house that evening. She gave him a glance as he stood by her.

“Mistletoes,” She said, “They’re often—”

“Infested by nargles.” Harry smiled, “Wonder how many are up there now…”

She laughed, “Who knows?”

They caught each other’s eyes, and as Harry looked at her, he realized that there’s only one thing left to do under a nargle-infested mistletoe, and Luna seemed to know it too, for in a couple of seconds their faces went so near each other and they kissed. It was a soft, light kiss, but it was magical.

“I—” Harry was gonna say something but was interrupted by Ron and Hermione’s bickering.

“And why did you actually give me an elf sweater?”

“Ronald, I know you love the elves, too, or you wouldn’t have gotten me the clock—”

“Oh please, just—” And then Ron stopped as he saw Harry and Luna standing under the mistletoe. “Oh,” He muttered as Harry gave him a knowing look.

“Oh,” Hermione said, too, and then she and Ron smiled and walked away.

Harry and Luna smiled, too.

“I love you, you know?” Harry told her.

Luna smiled, “That I can see in your eyes, Harry Potter,” She said, “We both know that things aren’t always gonna be like this, though…I mean, the dark Lord and—”

“I know,” He said, “But for now, this is all that matters.” He said, holding Luna’s hand. She didn’t let go.

Moonlight: A harry and Luna story--Chapter 4

Chapter 4: You’re no loony to me

Luna was sitting down beneath a large tree near the black lake with Ron and Hermione. Hermione was helping Ron with his assignments, while Ron was teasing her, and Luna was sketching the black lake and Ron and Hermione.

“Ooh, drawing Weaselbeak and the mudblood, huh?” Draco Malfoy said from behind the tree. His friends Crabbe and Goyle were snickering near him.

Ron blushed, “Shut your mouth, Malfoy!” He then drew out his wand.

“Ron, no!” Hermione said.

“Filthy little mudblood…”

“That’s not a very nice thing to say,” Luna said, “Wrackspurts may have infested your head.”

“What? What are you talking about again, Lovegood?” Draco said, “Oh wait…you’re now Potter’s girlfriend, aren’t you? Maybe we’ll see both of you on the Quibbler’s cover soon, what does your loony dad say about that?”

“You can’t talk that way about daddy,” Luna said, “His hair is better than your dad’s hair!”

Ron and Hermione laughed while Draco’s face grew red.

“My father will hear about—”

“About what, Malfoy?” Harry came from Quidditch practice. “Don’t you have anything better to do than bothering people?”

“Well, if it’s you and your loony girlfriend, then I have nothing better to do.”

Harry held out his wand. “Don’t you dare call her that!”

Draco seemed to be scared. “I’m not finished with you!” He said, “Crabbe, Goyle, let’s go…” They then fled and made their way to the castle.

“The coward!” Ron said.

“You okay?” Harry asked Luna, “I’m really sorry about him. You’re no loony to me.”

“I know,” Luna smiled, “And Wrackspurts have just infested his brain, don’t worry.”

Harry smiled and touched Luna’s face, “You are beautiful.”

“And you, Harry Potter need to wash your face, the dirt from the field is visible.”

Ron, Hermione and Harry laughed.

“And later, I shall give the Malfoy boy a Gurdyroot shampoo to make his dad’s hair better…”

Harry laughed and held her hand, “That you should do, my lovely.”

Luna smiled.