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Who are your favorite models and why?

I answered this a while ago, but I will elaborate. They have interesting bone structures, great bodies, fierce walks, their editorials are amazing, and actually have personalities. 

Top Five:

Magdalena Frackowiak

Natasha Poly

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Vlada Roslyakova

Jac Jagaciak

Shalom Harlow

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Natalia Vodianova

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Liu Wen

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I have been feeling really blah about everything I’m doing lately, but I completed these things, for another thing, (master of description that I am), and probably two of these people are familiar, and three are like “who in the hell…”

But yeah, kinda forcing myself to post these? Totally forcing myself. The file is actually called “forcingit.png”.


These took forever, but the last cast line-up I did was in like 2013 (!!!) and lots has changed, been added, flipped upside down or otherwise improved, I hope, so… hey. Here we go! Here’s the whole main and secondary cast. Thanks as always to samwisedamgee for contributions on Logan and Eleanor, and kayzig for contributions on Campbell! (Also, please do click and make ‘em bigger if you’d be so kind. The tumblr images otherwise look so tiny.)