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Suggestions for Ghost blogs?

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hannah, do you have any /meta/ opinions on the bureau? since hesitant alien came out, to me it has been just a good introductory song that sets the vibe for the album and makes me get very pumped. but I still don't know if there's something else to get from it, like, analytical speaking in terms of lyrics etc

i do! i think i’ve said before on here that i found it totally indecipherable but it finally started making sense after i saw it live.

i’ve talked before about how big gerard is on epilogues but he’s also ALL ABOUT intros. “the end” is definitely the most straightforward and “the bureau” is a little more vague. i don’t have an entire analysis about every line in the song (because i think a lot of them are strange for the sake of being strange to set a mood for the more lyrically complex parts of hesitant alien) but here are some thoughts:

  • first and foremost, this is the introduction to his solo career. i think the first song he wrote was technically millions (or maybe zero zero?) but this is the real Beginning. an overture, i guess. and i know i say this about every song on hesitant alien but most of them really and truly are about his newfound and strange independence post mcr and this one is no different! 
  • “get up / get in” and “sit up / begin” – this reminds me so much of “we’d be killing ourselves by sleeping in” and gerard’s new attitude of getting up, putting the time in, and making art instead of waiting around for divine inspiration to strike. hesitant alien was made in that environment of routine. probably no small part of it was establishing habits as a way to cope w/ the loss of something that was as big a part of his life as the band.
  • “we don’t know how to begin / we just end and grab my hand” and “we just end / grab your friend” – imo, definitely feels like this is explicitly about the end of the band. it hearkens back to a vigil on birds and glass when he suddenly realized mid-show that something was off and that it was over. “we just end.”
  • “everybody’s getting on / and so am i” – i just love the defiance in this part, like ‘fuck you, i’m moving on!’ feels sort of strange to look back on because the fandom isn’t as openly combative to gerard about the breakup anymore but that feels like the motivation behind this line.
  • “they’re gonna make you a star / to get you all to behave” – i think this is the Lite ™ version of “because rebellion’s not a t-shirt you sell / you keep your money and i’ll see you in hell.”
  • “got no lines at the end of this” – another good description of the breakup. “we just end,” “got no lines” ; there’s nothing to say. suddenly it just stopped working. i’m really interested in this line. i’d love to hear gerard talk about it himself. maybe in a kevin smith podcast in ten years!

other sundry thoughts not worthy of bullet points: “everyone we’re going live tonight” is the metaphorical curtain rising before the show begins and very literally about the show you’re about to watch. fried my brains when i saw it irl. also i desperately want to believe that “elevator please direct me to level ten” is a reference to “this elevator only goes up to ten” but that feels like a reach even for me.



Here’s one of my early favorites of 2016. Granted it was released last year but that’s just a minor detail. The pitch is two guys pick up a young woman only to discover that she’s not what she seems. You’ve heard this before as either an urban legend or a ghost story that was told to you as a kid. Regardless, Keegan Wilcox does a fantastic job giving the story a modern update, as well as creating a moody, dark horror film. This is the type of segment you would hope to find in those underachieving V/H/S films. The short lends itself to feature adaptation and I’m guessing the filmmakers are using it as a pitch tool, which they rightfully should. If you’re looking for women to finally get the upper hand in horror, you’ll enjoy this!

Three Things

I was tagged by the lovely @svenskaporren to answer 3 things my followers might not know about me and then to tag 10 of them so here I go:

1. When I was little I wanted to be a paleontologist. I don’t know why I stopped wanting to be one though.

2. I remember every single nightmare I have. There was a period in my life in which I was scared to go to sleep because I had nightmares every single night that were so bad that I would wake up from them and cry until I fell back asleep. They felt so real that it’s still hard to distinguish between the dream and reality.

3. I love junk food way too much. I almost never finish a plate of actual food, but if you give me 5 bags of Hot Cheetos they would be gone in a flash.

Alright so those are my three things. I tag:@bemusedlybespectacled @e-m-e-r-i-t-u-s @ghost-cirice @hpslutcraft @infestissumam @jakechillinhaal @kaszz-216 @thewonderfulwilliams @del-the-space-prince @songofskullkid