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Untold Truth || Harlo and Darleda

The night after they built the pillow-fort, Harlo and Darleda had talked for awhile, undisturbed in the their flat. Harlo had held her hand and hugged her and listened- acting as the friend and sibling she needed at the time. She didn’t tell him everything about her relationship with Levi but it was enough for him to understand that it was over and she was still in pain. Over the next few days after that, she and Harlo had grown even closer, just laughing and training together and Darleda seemed to be healing. Harlo was still dreading the Games but spending time with Darleda had only made his feelings for her grow stronger. He was once again debating against confessing them to her. Late at night, when they couldn’t sleep, they would usually end up talking or training. Harlo had gone to another private session but when he returned, Darleda was gone. He sighed and waited in the TV room for her to return.

No regrets right? |Harlo|

After parting ways from Levi, both officially and literally, Darleda decided to walk around hopelessly. While all of this had happened, Harlo was in private sessions with Mr. Taylor once more, which meant any discussion about… anything would have to wait until it was over. Eventually, the act of wandering became more pointless then it usually did, so Darleda slipped quietly into the private sessions room and leaned against the far wall. She saw Rick Taylor shoot her an annoyed look before going back to focusing in on Harlo, but she didn’t mind. His session was nearly over, and what little time Darleda had between now and then might help her figure out how and what to exactly tell Harlo. Any thoughts quickly left her head as she watched as he finished his session. The dedication Harlo put into everything he did was chilling. Snapping out of her daze, she snatched a water for him, only to turn back in time to see Rick snap something before storming past her and out of the room. Walking over slowly, Darleda held out the water bottle. “You okay? He’s mad because I was here, wasn’t he?”

Final Words

“I am ready whenever you are.” -Konno.

“Fuck.” -Aaric.

“It’s like a band aid. You have to do it quickly and prolonging it… it’ll just hurt more.” -Felicity.

“Thank you.” -Harlo.

“I won’t scream or fight back because my reason to live is gone. So please. Kill me.”-Darleda.

"I’d get that dagger from your backpack if I were you.” -Printa.

“Jaxon. You’ve been good to me and I thank you for it.” -Levi.

“Just fucking finish this, okay?” -Farren.

You Live, You Learn || Harlo and Darleda

During his first few days in the Capitol, it had made sense for Harlo to isolate himself and focus exclusively on his training; and a few days later, it had been much too easy to keep doing exactly that. At this point, the idea of talking to Darleda or any of the other tributes was painful but it was also necessary. The Games were getting closer and he would need to form some kind of strategy for them. He quickly resolved to talk to Darleda first. He loved her but he was hesitant to speak with her now because he been avoiding her so long that she was probably convinced he regretted volunteering to help her. He needed to know what her plans were and he also owed her an explanation. When he called her name from across their flat, Harlo’s voice was hesitant, almost like he’d forgotten how to speak so he gave a slightly stronger effort, “Darleda…”

Oh gosh |Harlo|

Since the fight with Harlo, the two had seemed to be avoiding each other. Maybe they just needed time, and space to think about everything that had been said and implied, but at this point, it was getting a little much. Darleda had started to get the ache of longing and loneliness tugging at her chest, but for some reason she was absolutely terrified to approach Harlo first. Maybe because she felt it would lead to another fight, or maybe to them breaking up. Both of which she desperately wanted to avoid, so once again Darleda retreated from the flat after dinner, returning to the garden. That’s where she spent most of her free time now. She even had a routine; watch the sunset, then stare at the stars; at Darlo, until it got far to late, then she’d either return to the flat and attempt sleeping, or go to the kitchens and pass out someplace randomly. Rubbing her tired eyes, Darleda stared up at the stars, tracing the five stars that outlined Darlo, which wasn’t helping the ache in her chest in the slightest.

Upon hearing footsteps, she sat up and turned around, just in time to see Harlo duck under a tree branch and come into view. She stared at him for a few seconds before speaking, “hi." 

Surviving |Harlo|

Just outside of the private training room, Darleda placed down the basket of food and clean shirt away from the door, well hidden enough that Rick wouldn’t notice it when he stormed out. Knocking quietly on the door, Darleda slipped through standing awkwardly and waiting for someone to realize she’d walked in. It was obvious by the look on Ricks face that he wasn’t please. Rushing through the rest of his lesson with Harlo, he pushed past Darleda with force, pausing beside her to hiss something about ruining Harlo’s chances of survival. The fact was; Darleda was taking him away from his private sessions early and in the arena, the little things could mean the difference between life and death. Visibly flinching, Rick seemed to get to his satisfaction, and quickly left the room. Darleda remain where she was for a few seconds, eyes sticking to the ground as she listened to the door shut behind her and Rick’s footsteps get quieter as they disappeared down the hall. Once she was positive he was out of ear shot, she walked over to Harlo with a hand towel and water bottle. “I have a clean shirt and everything else outside, but I figured if Rick saw it he’d know we planned something… anyways. How was your session?" 

Still Alive || Harlo and Darleda

Harlo was woken up when his mentor pushed the door open and started yelling at him. His head ached and, although he heard every word the man said, he barely processed any of the information. He groaned and barely managed to blink in response before Rick shot him a look that could only be described as disdainful and walked away, mumbling something distractions and stupidity. Harlo struggled to sit up. He stared at the open door and it took him a few additional seconds to understand that he was hungover. This was exactly what Darleda had gone though not too long ago. Harlo had probably judged her too harshly. He had just learned how easy (and practically unavoidable) it was to get drunk in the nightclub- as well as just how badly the consequences hurt. “Darleda!” He called, just to make sure she was alright. If she didn’t answer immediately, it might take him some time to work up the energy to go look for her but he still needed to talk to her. That was his only focus at the moment.

The Thought of Losing You || Darlo

Harlo had slept in his own room. Alone. He had done this weeks before he reconnected with Darleda so it shouldn’t have been as unsettling as it was but he got hardly any sleep and he sneaked down for some early morning training instead. It was there that he met Printa Skyland of District 11 who was, for lack of a better word, interesting. She had managed to take his mind off his pain (both physical and emotional) for awhile but the sensations returned in full force when he finally ended up back in his room. Rick didn’t wake him for training. It was an hour past their usual time when he finally got up and worked up the courage to go looking for Darleda instead. When he didn’t find her anywhere in their flat, his immediate worry was that Rick had forced her into another brutal session but that was disproved when he found the mentor in the TV room watching an old Games. It took Harlo a minute to realize which ones: Rick was watching a repeat of his own Games. The man merely shrugged as he approached so Harlo decided to interpret this as dismissal from training for the time being. He continued to look for Darleda. Like always, she was the only thing on his mind. After a few more failed attempts, he finally thought to ask the Avoxes if they had seen her. He smiled warmly when he walked into their kitchen but he didn’t see anyone smile back. He tried to ignore this and he picked up a marker. He was about to uncap it and scrawl his question (and the urgency behind it) onto the whiteboard but then he saw her out of the corner of his eye and he turned to confirm the sighting. There she was: on a chair in the far corner. As far as he could tell, she was just as upset as she had been at their last encounter. It was probably safe to assume that much. “I need to talk to you,” he said, walking over to her with caution and care. He let himself relax and made no effort to hide the pain in his eyes. “Can I please talk to you, Darleda?”

Staying Alive |Harlo|

“No, Harlo…” Darleda couldn’t help but laugh a little as he yet again fumbled with stitching the dummies arm. Giving a sigh, she reached over and took the needle from his hand. “You are stabbing this poor person, you’re to nervous about hurting them which is exactly what you’re doing…Calm down and be gentle about it.” Repositioning the needle in her hand, she did a few stitches carefully before looking over at him. “You’re also not pulling tight enough. Slack stitches aren’t going to get you anywhere.” Handing the needle back to him, she threw on an encouraging smile. It was only his second try, so she shouldn’t expect much. Darleda sat back, and watched him begin to work carefully once more. They’d been training at the survival stations for a few hours already, bouncing around from stations to station before ending up here. Most stations they could work together, but stitching someone tended to be a one person job, especially seeing as they’d most likely be stitching each other, rather than someone else. “Better, see? You did it perfectly once you made slight adjustments. Just tie off the end and we can try something else. I wont torture you and make you do it over and over until its flawless. I can talk you through it in the arena anyways.” She murmured softly, looking over his work. It wasn’t amazing, but it would hold and keep out infection.

Let me explain |Harlo

Waking up in the Capitol was never a pleasant feeling, but this morning it was dreadfully worse. When Darleda moved to sit up, her head throbbed painfully, and the small bit of sunlight dipping under the curtains irritated her eyes. Was she sick? Thinking back to last night, she groaned. No, not sick. Hungover. The only thing she could remember clearly was Jaxon handing her some fruity drink before she downed the glass. After that, everything was just hazy. Slowly, and carefully, Darleda moved from the room, and down the hall, toward the kitchen. She felt nauseous, and the pain in her head hurt to bad to think properly. After grabbing a tall glass of water, Darleda hauled herself up onto a chair before laying her head down on the cool countertop. Not moving made her head hurt less, and the cold helped to. Her hand gripped the glass of water tight as she heard footsteps coming down the hall, the vibrations carrying through the countertop and hitting her head, a very unpleasant sensation. Sitting up properly, she groaned and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Never again am I drinking.

The aftermath |Darlo|

Darleda’s immediate reaction upon leaving the cornucopia was the throw a hand up to cover her eyes. It was bright, and after a few more strides, her eyes adjusted enough to see a few other tributes. Some far off and others to close for comfort, but they all had something in common. Getting away from the bloodbath. Snapping her head in both directions, she looked around. Sand, lots of sand on one side, and what looked like water ahead of them. Tugging on Harlo’s hand, she led them toward the one thing she’d been hoping to find. A forest. She said nothing, simply ran until they were in the cover of the trees before slowing to a walk. Without saying anything, she dragged him farther, walking right along the edge of the wooded area. With the meadow and lake in sight, they would be able to see any on coming tributes and retreat if possible.

When she finally decided it was time to stop, Darleda threw the bag from her shoulder, causing it to land on the ground with a thud. She finally allowed herself to look over at Harlo. A quick run over insured her that he was fine. No visible blood or discomfort other then his still heavy breathing. Quickly reaching into the bag, she held up a water to him before leaning her head back against the tree. Looking skyward, she started laughing. “We did it. We’re safe for now.” The thought was a complete relief. For the moment, they had a guaranteed tomorrow. Today people would be to busy adjusting and fixing any wounds. “You okay?" 

Simple Together || Harlo and Darleda

Harlo and Darleda had not spoken much recently. Their mentor was acting strange. While the man had initially dismissed Darleda as useless and focused his full attention on preparing Harlo for the Games, he had recently began forcing Darleda into private training sessions. Harlo was almost positive that this move was meant to get his attention but he couldn’t entirely understand the motivation behind it. In their time apart, he had focused more on his thoughts than on his training. Darleda knew that he loved her but he was willing to give her some time to sort out her own feelings. Their friendship and her occasional smile were more than enough comfort for him in the meantime. When she came back from her latest (and hopefully her last) training session, he pulled her in for a close hug and pressed a cupcake into her hand. “The Avoxes let me help with some of the baking today,” he explained with a very real smile. “I was just looking for a distraction but I thought you could use a treat after all that training. How are you?”

How to Save a Life || Harlo and Felicity

When Harlo woke up, he needed a minute to remember where he was and what was happening. He’d had an odd sort of dream that they were back in District 12 so he was surprised to find himself on a beach and even more shaken when the girl sleeping beside him turned out to be Felicity rather than Darleda. Then it all came back to him. They were still in the Games- of course they were; and the last time he’d seen Darleda, she’d been sleeping during Felicity’s watch. She wasn’t anywhere in sight now but Harlo willed himself not to panic. She was smart enough to stay close and strong enough to defend herself if need be. He sighed and shook Felicity awake as gently as possible. “Hey, I’m sorry,” he began carefully. “But did Darleda say anything before she went on watch?”

Long-Ass-Title-That-Konno-Made || Harlo, Jaxon, Darleda

Harlo dropped the mace without thinking. It landed in the snow beside Felicity’s body and he didn’t want to look at it, let alone have to use it again. His plan now was too simple but he didn’t have time to think of anything else. The barrier was vanishing. He had two thoughts: get Darleda and run. He rushed to her side, hoping the Career tributes would be too preoccupied with their own hostages to bother with him. He placed one hand on her cheek, the other on her shoulder and shook her gently awake. He’d carry her if he had to but he needed to see that she was okay- not just alive, but alright. When she seemed at least semi-conscious, he set to work untying her, pulling at the ropes, wishing he’d had the foresight to grab a knife to cut them with but unwilling to risk leaving her long enough to retrieve one off Felicity.

Help, I'm Alive || Harlo and Felicity

As they continued up the mountain, Harlo and Felicity were colder and quieter. They were already exhausted emotionally as well as physically but they were no where near the end yet. Surviving wasn’t the challenge anymore. In fact, Harlo doubted that both of them would make the return journey. All that mattered was that Darleda could. When they finally reached the top, Harlo set the bag down carefully and looked around, squinting in the snowy atmosphere. The Career pack and a few other tributes were close by but no one seemed to acknowledge him or Felicity- not yet anyway. Then, he finally understood. There was Darleda with Jaxon and little Kayleigh Lysenger. Harlo’s heart skipped a beat and he rushed toward the captives, actually pausing to wonder why no one else had reached them yet. Then it hit him. Literally. There was a force-field. Not a tremendously powerful one but definitely enough to keep them out. This was another game. He swore under his breath and looked at Felicity right when he heard the anthem and the voice he’d grown to hate. “Only one lone victor may win, and only one. The invisible barrier will be lifted in five minutes. Before that time, only eight may remain. And then only one tribute will survive. May the odds be ever in your favor.” Harlo heard the words but the only point he registered was also the only one that mattered: two people had to die. Two of the desperate eight outside the barrier now had just entered the last few minutes of their lives. This was scarier than the Bloodbath: they had more to lose now.