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So my brother(27) and uncle(30) are these two misogynist dudes and a little homophobic with two EXTREMELY hot girlfriends. My brothers girlfriend is bisexual. One time all five of us went to eat and somehow the conversation came out that would they rather their girlfriends cheat on them with a girl or a boy. My brothers and uncle easily said girls cause they wouldn’t mind and it’d be kinda hot. Anyways a few months go by and I find out they are no longer dating the girls. I asked what happened and they said nothing but both look pissed! I was kinda glad cause the girls were so nice and my uncle and bro are assholes who sometimes cheat(They are the worst!). So the other day I went back to Mexico(This is were my brother and uncle live) to visit my family and I saw the girls. When I went to say hi they were a little awkward but after I told them I was a little glad they left the guys they were more friendlier. Basically they told me that they fell for each other and have been dating since they broke up with my bro and uncle. One even said she was a lesbian but was too scared to come until she met the other(bi) girl. They met through my uncle and brother.


I could honestly read stories about the same cute idiots falling in love in 1000 different universes, 1000 different scenarios, 1000 different times, 1000 different ways and never get tired of it.

If you honestly think Harley x her bastard abuser is a better pairing than Harley x her loving plant wife Ivy, then guess what you’re homophobic and you now owe me and every gay you know $20 thanks

Some lgbt faves for pride month :)

Shima (Kiss him, not me!)

Haruhi (Ouran high school host club)

Tracer (Overwatch)

Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid)

Akise (Future diary)

Chloe and Rachel (Life is strange)

Yuri and Viktor (Yuri!! on ice)


Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Deadpool)

Ymir and Historia (Attack on titan)

Hange (Attack on titan manga)

Juleka and Rose (Miraculous)

Alphys and Undyne (Undertale)

Harley and Ivy

Jonathan and Sherwin (In a heartbeat)

Pearl (Steven universe)

Ruby and Sapphire (Steven universe)