I live in South Texas, like South. Like look at a map of Texas, look at the very, very bottom &you’ll see me waving. I’m not being sarcastic, my university is right next to the border, I start roaming when I’m at the REK Center. Anyways, back to my story. High school football is a huge thing here, I love it. The Harlingen Cardinals are San Benito’s greatest rival, I graduated from San Benito. The whole season, San Benito hoped the Cardinals would lose, but they never did. They’ve been undefeated since like my senior year. They are such a great team. Well, all the valley teams are out the playoffs, except for the Cardinals. They’ve made it to the 4th round, I think? I could be wrong. Point is, they’re the only ones representing the valley in Texas. They’re playing tonight against a San Antonio team. The game is two hours away &the tickets are sold out, so a local channel is airing the game LIVE! :D Even though they are my town’s rival, you support a valley team no matter what! Good Luck Cardinals.<3

Riverhead Books announced the winner of its Little Free Library sweepstakes today. A 15-year-old Boy Scout from Harlingen, TX struggle to find an Eagle Scout project with meaning until he learned about Little Free Library [LFL], an Innovations in Reading Prize-winner.

“What a great concept and way to give back to my community. If you look at the LFL world map there is only one library in our entire region. You can certainly see a void for hundreds of miles in every direction. My dad always tells me to try and leave a legacy and that’s what I hope to do with this project. My goal isn’t to just build one LFL but to start a movement in the Valley with LFLs in our region.”

The prize was judged by Riverhead authors and voted on by the public. Read more of his winning entry here.


Here’s the “SpaceShip” music video.

I wrote this song just frustrated with seeing the lack of commitment to excellence really.  The video was meant to be a mockery of reality shows and having fun. The ‘concept’ I had together for my storyline was dope but the editor/director ( Shaun Mecca ) dropped the ball on this.

The audio’s not synced properly and just poor edit work done.  I know he could have put in more time and made this better, but I guess he’s not as particular with his reputation and art as I might be.  

At the same time, he’s a rapper, so I know his love is the music before htis probably. Not tripping too heavy . I love the energy the girls int he video put into this with me. We had a heavily fun time getting loose to this. 

Police were even called in the process of us fiming the two videos I did this day.  The other video was ‘Paradise,’ and it went super viral on FB. Over 230k views, lacking heavy promotion.

The house we were in is credits to my guy Izzy. His pops made a FLYYYYY house. Movie theatre and lifesize basketball players on the wall of a hooper.  Thanks to Izz for the support.

Also notice the cameo of eli4music . He introduced me to that south Texas, border cities life.  I had some fun out there for real.  Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, South Padre, and Weslaco. 

If you want Behind the scenes, watch these:

episode #20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqyUniaMC0s

episode #21: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNozC-f2Cpk