harleys revenge


“I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch-diameter exit wound in you.”
―Harley Quinn.


batman: arkham vr - character showcase harley quinn / harleen quinzel.

The Joker’s beau. Harley Quinn sought revenge on Batman following her lover’s death. While her attempt on Batman’s life was unsuccessful, her rapid and brutal assertion of control over The Joker’s gang has made her one of Gotham’s premier crime bosses. A former psychyatrist, Quinzel recently submitted a paper to the Gotham Journal of Mental Health arguing that violent revenge was a healthy means of working through grief-related trauma. It was not accepted for publication.

Batman Arkham City: *suggests that Harley Quinn may be pregnant with the Joker’s child*

Me: Wow, that’s pretty unexpected, and, honestly… I think that this could be a great story opportunity, and a chance to shake things up a bit. An even more unhinged Harley shaken by the Joker’s death raising a child of her’s and the Joker’s does sound like it does have good potential if executed correctly. I mean, they may have to jump forward a couple of years to when the kid is ten or twelve years old, but hey, maybe they could add a few elements from Knightfall, The Dark Knight Returns, or even Batman Beyond in the sequel. Hell, they could even do a “cycle of abuse” thing, with the Joker abusing and messing with Harley’s head, leading to Harley abusing her own child and trying mold them into the proper “heir” to the Joker. The story possibilities are endle-

*Harley Quinn’s Revenge is released* 

Me: Oh, huh. Um, wow, that certainly isn’t a complete waste of a perfectly good storyline. No, that’s not a complete copout at all. Nope, certainly not. Not at all. /sarcasm


[][ Harleen Frances Quinzel ] -  “It would be a shame to get blood all over my nice new outfit

“Harley Quinn’s personality is similar to her idol’s, The Joker. She has psychopathic tendencies, but also appears to tease, as evidenced when she tries to see Batman’s face in Arkham City. During the DLC Harley Quinn’s Revenge she has changed significantly, having a more aggressive outlook, as well as being less forgiving. She also appears to be more frightening, as she is able to get her henchmen to obey her, even when they said she was useless while still under Joker’s reign. “

Death Throes [Joker x Harley]

Summary: The Joker finds out about Griggs abuse of Harley. After completing their revenge, can he help her overcome the trauma? Set after Suicide Squad. Playlist is [here]

“Puddin’… how did ya find me?”

She had come to think about it afterwards, when the thrill had died down. She was safe back in their penthouse and she could finally push the memories out of her mind. It wasn’t always easy, especially since a couple of new scars and tattoos, all counting the months spent in a cage, reminded her. But he had come for her, and that was all that mattered.

Belle Reve was off the maps, a top secret facility isolated on an island, but nothing could stop her Mr. J. She gazed admiringly at him as she sat in the couch, applying the last layer of polish to her nails.

The Joker chuckled as he looked up from his collection of knives. “I would always find you, no matter where they tried to hide you.” His dark smile made a familiar excited chill run down her spine.

“I made some new friends,” he added mischievously and toyed with his favorite knife. “Bought them, you could say.”

Harley giggled. The way he smiled, that special, wicked grin showing off his grills, distracted her from everything else. She leaned forward but he seemed lost in his own amused thoughts.

“Imagine what any little pretentious doctor can do for a wad of cash…” He chuckled to himself and gave her a knowing look, reminiscing. “Without your help it wouldn’t have been so funny, baby.” He licked his lips. “The prison guards got on their knees for me…” He held his arms out, dramatically, as if he was standing on a stage and accepting applauds. He was bare-chested, like usual. “Too bad you missed the show, Harley-girl. The alpha dog was all over me, like an obedient puppy.”

Harley froze, eyes going wide. A shaky breath got stuck in her throat.

“Oh man, I love you. A whole lot crazy in a whole lot pretty. Just what I like.”

The chief guard sat on top of her, pushing her down into the floor. Harley reached for his throat, lunged at him with bared teeth, but his big hand grabbed her jaw and pressed. She snarled at him as his hips ground into hers.

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