Closed for harley-quinn-ade || Blood Sucking Boyfriend

                          🃏 He never meant for her to see him, it’s why he always does this so secretly. He doesn’t know how he’s been able to hide it for this long. Maybe she’s just stupid. But Hell be his source of luck, he hears her walking up behind him, crouching over a dead body with his back to her, clawed hands covered in blood. He swallows the blood in his mouth, trying to think of an excuse of some kind, but none came. He drops the body.

Now, Harley, I can explain… ”

    The clown spoke softly, slowly standing as his tongue greedily licked the extra blood from his fangs. He doesn’t continue after that, because, wellHe really can’t explain. 🃏


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"Hey, you look like somebody I used to know" (Harley-Quinn-ade)

|| My Chemical Romance starter sentences ||

“Uh, do I now?” The Joker raised an eyebrow. He’d tried to ditch the infamous Harley Quinn a couple of months ago, but obviously she wasn’t content to let him disappear. After splitting town, he’d tried to stay away for as long as possible, but Gotham always lured him back. Cops weren’t nearly as clever or dedicated as the Batman.

“You must be… Mistaking me for someone else.” He said sarcastically, his makeup and scars allowing anyone to pick him out of a crowd easy as pie.