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Being Captain Boomerang’s daugther would include:

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Request:  Can you do what being captain boomerangs daughter would be like? Like a HC? Idk but ya

A/N: I included the Squad a little bit because we all know that some of them are totally into having their own sweet little kids. 


  • Him being always super careful with you.
    • Digger holding you as if you could break any second. 
  • Him almost crying when you don’t want to stop crying.
    • Him at least starting crying once a month because you’re a scream Queen
  • Him making baby noises and funny faces while feeding you.
  • Digger letting you play with his boomerangs and Pinky.
  • Your first word being ‘Boomerang’
  • Him teaching you how to walk.
  • Digger being the dad who films everything you do. 
    • Showing all the cute videos the squad. 
    • Harley cooing.
    • Deadshot and El Diablo giving him dad-tips.
    • Deadshot being your baby sitter. 
    • Harley buying you flashy baby clothes.
    • Too many pictures and videos with the squad.


  • Knowing all the swear words. 
    • Him trying to convince everyone that it’s not his fault.
  • Having your own boomerangs. 
  • Digger teaching you how to throw them, and how to defend yourself.
  • Pinky sleeping in your bed.
  • Him being very patience with you. 
    • Digger actually throwing a fit with you when you’re behaving like a ‘brat’.
  • Cuddling. 
    • You both being cuddler.
  • Digger learning how to braid your hair because he wants to make you happy.
  • Him letting you play with his hair/beard. 
  • You using make up on your dad.


  • Him being very protective. 
  • Him hating too revealing clothes.
  • Him hating all your boyfriends/girlfriends.
    • Not because of the “They are not good enough for my little baby” but because they are not aussies.
  • Him giving you ‘The Talk’ when you ask if you could go buy some bras.
    • It’s awkward so he calls for Harley’s help. 
  • Him being unable to cope with you getting your period for the first time. 
    • Calling Harley and Katana for help.
    • Him googling what to do and buying everything a girl needs during her period - including Tampons and pads (all sizes), sweets, tissues, a hot-water-bag and a few movies.
    • Him trying to be calm and cool with it even thought he doesn’t want you to grow up so fast.
  • Him teaching you how to fight with boomerangs. 
    • You sneaking out to help the squad during a dangerous mission.
    • Digger grounding you for 3 whole months even though you saved their asses.
  • Him getting angry when you start drinking and smoking and doing drugs.
    • Even though he’s pissed he never yells at you but tries to explain everything because you’re like best friends.
    • Him being disgusted that you don’t like the same beer as him.
  • Digger and the squad comming lowkey to your prom and graduation.
    • Harley and Katana heling you with all the make up, hair and so on.

Grown up:

  • Him behaving like you’re still in your teen years.
  • Digger being proud of you if you marry an aussie. 
  • Him being very proud of you when you kick asses. 
    • Especially when strangers try to hit on you or touch you.
Being short and chubby and insecure in the squad would include:

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Request: "being short and chubby and insecure in the suicide squad" would involve pls???

Warning: Depression, anxiety, suicidal and anorexic thoughts (?), sad shit that made me tear up. Just want to make sure that nothing will trigger you.

A/N: This is like 99% me. I made this sooo dark and long and I’m sorry. I’m almost feeling bad. I think I’m going to do a second part or an imagine because ya’ll deserve happiness.

[Y/F/C]= Your favourite character

  • Being shy at first. 
    • Keeping your mouth shut and never butting in during verbal fights.
    • Never seeking eye contact.
    • Looking at the ground. 
  • Hiding behind Killer Croc so no one notices you.
  • Stuttering when someone tries to speak with you.
    • “Uhm…” , “Uh…” , “Uh-hu.” 
    • Them calling you “Shorty”, “Midget” and “Pikkie”.
  • Comparing yourself to the others.
    • “Why am I so short?”
    • “I’m a fat cow.”   
    • “Why can’t I be dead?”
    • “Why did I fucking eat that shit. No wonder I’m so fat.” 
    • “They hate me because I’m fat.” 
  • Quiet emotional break downs.
    • No one notices it because you keep it down until you’re alone.
    • Feeling lonely and not likeable. 
  • Being the outsider and sitting as far away as possible from the squad. 
    • Isolating yourself even thought you would like to be friends with them.
  • Locking yourself in the bathroom for as long as possible.
    • Hiding. 
    • Crying.
    • Muttering things to yourself.
    • Trying to calm down. 
  • Giving your best during missions and feeling proud of yourself when you did well.

  • Harley realising that you’re not feeling well one day. 
  • Her eyeing you up and down and noticing your puffy red eyes and sad facial expression. 
    • Harley being confused as to why you would be crying. 
    • Harley getting aware of you always disappearing after a few days of observing you.
    • Her sneaking quietly into the bathroom and hearing you cry and mutter words about yourself.
  • Her telling the squad about what happened.
    • “Crying? Why would [Y/N] do that?”
    • Her telling what she heard and expressing how concerned she is.
    • “Never realised [Y/N] was feeling left out because of her/his looks.”
    • “Left out?”
    • “Yeah, we’re always together and [Y/N] is never with us- always sitting in the corner.”
    • “You know what, Shorty never really talks with us. What do we actually know about Shorty?” 
    • “She/He is always hiding behind me. I thought [Y/N] was afraid during the missions.”
  • The Squad deciding to include you into the group.
    • Them starting to ask if you want to sit and drink with them. 
    • Them trying to do small talk with you.
    • [Y/F/C] being the only one who is not too intrusive.
      • Them having a slight crush on you but you never noticed it.
  • You being suspicious about their behaviour.
    • “What if they want something?”
    • “What if they want to use me?” 
    • “They wanna use me and make fun of me…”

  • You getting angry at the Squad at some point. 
    • “Could you please stop pretending you like me!” 
    • “What do you mean, hun?”
    • “You’re nice. Too nice. Why are you behaving like this?”
    • “We… we noticed you’re always all by yourself.” 
    • “And?”
    • “You look lonely, and you’re our friend. So what? You wanna lynch us for being nice to you?” 
    • “No… but… it’s weird.” 
    • “It’s weird that you’re hiding away, mate.”
    • “What?”
    • “We know you’re hiding in the bathroom. It wasn’t that hard to figure out why, hun.” 
  • You hiding away for the next few days out of embarassement until the squad visits you and makes sure you’re okay. 
    • Them being natural around you.
    • Captain Boomerang even letting you hold his beloved Pinky.
    • Talking alone with [Y/F/C].
      • “Whatever you think about yourself. I think you’re awesome.” 

  • You slowly feeling like you belong to them.