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Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

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Lehigh, Iowa
Population: 416

“Located in a valley, Lehigh is divided in two by the Des Moines River, unusual for such a small town. Originally the two halves of Lehigh were two separate towns. While the town on the west side of the River was always called Lehigh, the east town was called Slabtown, and a piece of history marks the east side’s roots––a sign that hangs over the playground with the words ‘Slabtown Traders’ perhaps alluding to the flea market that occurs there every summer during Lehigh River Days. The ‘Slabtown Traders’ sign was blown over by a gust of wind in the summer of 2010. It survived several floods while being located on River St. Lehigh was surrounded by coal mines until the early 20th century and home to a large clay sewer pipe factory until the 1980s. Dolliver State Park, Brushy Creek State Recreation Area and Woodman Hollow State Preserve are located within a few miles of the town.“

How long have I stood by your side? Matheu’s demeanor began to soften but he stayed silent. When the man didn’t answer, Harley continued. What? Forty years now? Four full decades?

Forty-one, Mat corrected him. Again he sighed, remembering what they’d been through together in that time. Unlike the others on the team, the two of them knew each other well before being forced to become one of Lord Fiore’s watchdogs. It was five in life & thirty-six that we’ve been… here. 

And after everything I’ve put up with, you don’t think I would’ve traded you in by now if I were going to? Harley teased, a small smile returning to his face, lighting up his boyish features. I should honestly take great offense that we are even having this discussion. 

Did you know the commander has taken a mate? Matheu mused, remembering what Nate had told him about how Otto came to join him in his cell, becoming his own personal chew toy.

Harley nodded. Yeah, I heard him saying something to Keys’ snack boy that his husband now belonged to him. He raised his brow curiously, again wondering what his companion was thinking that would make him act the way that he was tonight. Sudden subject change? What’s going on, Mat?

I don’t know. It just has me thinking I guess, he replied softly, combing his fingers through his long hair. Harley watched as it fell again into the man’s beautiful face the way that it always did. He knew it was more of a nervous habit than a means to rid himself of the unruly strands. 

About marriage? Harley pressed, trying not to seem eager to hear the man’s answer. They’d been lovers in life yet despite how their relationship grew, Matheu had been the one to shy away from commitment. It seemed odd to him to see the subject eliciting any sort of response from the man.

If we could… If you got the choice… he stammered.

“Can you stop ruining my dates, Hattori?”

okay but ivy and harley wanting a small wedding in a registry office with selina as the bridesmaid and harley trying to get joker as the best man but ivy and selina are like FUCK NO and maybe riddler there to officiate after harley forced him to take an online course but some of the other rogues find out about it and gatecrashing and in the end they both give up on a quiet wedding and go and get hammered with the other villains around gotham