harley quinn

“Baking for mistah J. I always love do stuff to see ‘im happy. His smile means so much to me… Besides, this is a situation that not much people know about us. We stay and act as a couple at our warehouse for most of the time… Not many people knows that, that’s why I say… Mistah J loves me, he REALLY does. No one believes me, but I know the true, and I’m happy bout it. In fact, bat-brain always ruins stuff for us! ALWAYS!”

Me as Harley Quinn
My boyfriend as The Joker

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hal-jordann fragte:

I'm not American, so i don't know a lot about American accents, but accent does harley have? Or is it just her style of talking and it's unique to her?

Harley has what’s called a Brooklyn accent. Brooklyn accents are a very specific type of New York Accent and are most commonly found in New York City. It’s stereotyped as a “tough guy” accent. Words are often shortened, looser, and said with a more exaggerated open mouth. 

Other attributes to this accent may include making a “t” sound instead of “to”. “Give it t’me.”
That can be seen here when Harley says “I tried t’play by the rules.” and “Society is t’blame.” 

The ends of words are also left open a lot of times. “Billionaire” becomes looser without the hard “e” at the end and the speakers mouth wouldn’t tighten to make the ending. There’s an example of  Harley demonstrating this here

There are specific endings that are typically left off. “Ing” as in “running” becomes “in”, “runnin’”. Seen here when Harley says “puddin’” instead of “pudding”. 

“Er” typically becomes an “uh” sound. Demonstrated here when Harley says “slamma” instead of “slammer.”

There’s other things but these are the basics.
Sorry I think I answered too in depth.


I’ve been getting back into New Leaf a whole lot recently, and decided to share some of the QR codes I’ve made so far. Don’t know if they’d interest anyone, but feel free to use.

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