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“My freakness is on the loose
And running all over you
Please, take me to places that nobody knows
Got me up so high I’m barely breathing
So don’t let me go…”

Guys seriously, we need to get our hands on the REAL deleted scenes of Harley and Mr. J because…..what the fuck scene was this look from? Is that a wedding dress? Was it a flash back scene? Was it related to her day dream of them getting married like….give me the fucking answers.

Thanks for a great day Tampa Bay Comic Con! Met a lot of great people and had a blast debuting my new Wedding Harley!

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Photos from my Batman themed wedding last year. Realized I haven’t posted any of them yet, and Pride month is the perfect opportunity. My wife and I made all the invites and centerpieces ourselves. My mother’s corgi was the ring bearer, and the bridal party wore Batman Villain themed tuxes and dresses. My wife and I dresses as poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

One of my bridesmaids just texted me and told me that she booked THE FUCKING BAT MOBILE to drive Rob and I to our wedding venue!!!

For anyone who doesn’t know, my wedding has a Batman theme. My bridesmaids will be dressed in red and black, the groomsmen are in green and purple (Harley Quinn and Joker colors) and the ceremony is being officiated by the Dark Knight himself in full Batman gear.


Last year on this day Suicide Squad dropped, so here’s some Wedding Harley! ♥️💙
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anonymous asked:

Do you think that when joker jumped in the chemicals to get Harley it made him a little more crazier , but crazier for her ? I've always kind of thought that


NEW HEADCANON! I love this so much. Thank you. 🙌

When SS Joker fell/jumped in the first time, let’s say he jumped for this example. He was not jumping for anyone nor was he jumping to save anyone. Pre-Joker was jumping for himself, perhaps to save himself. I don’t mean he was running from someone and then just decided to jump to ‘hide’, I mean maybe he really wanted to jump to save himself, to finally surrender to insanity. To prove to the other criminals that he’s the boss, the one they need to fear. That pre-Joker did the unthinkable, jumped into Ace Chemicals and survived. Proved it was possible, became even scarier.

Side note, I’m following a headcanon that said that SS Joker didn’t just turn crazy overnight when he jumped into Ace Chemicals, I go along with this headcanon/theory that SS pre-Joker rose in power over time. Gained followers. Scared the city, maybe fought the Bat. But there was always something missing. Pre-Joker didn’t like how he was one the same playing field as the other criminals, that he would be lumped in with ‘the thugs’ when the nightly news would report his crimes. The suits and jackets pre-Joker would wear so boring. He wanted to be different, to be THE ONE. The one when he walks into a room people instantly knew that their deaths soon followed. The one villain that if he came to your city, there would be mass evacuations. The scariest person to ever be known in Gotham City - clearly pre-Joker was as much of an attention seeker as Joker is - and he succeeded.

But Joker’s second jump was completely different. Let’s set the scene, even though I’m sure we’ve all watched the chemical wedding a hundred times, Joker brings Dr. Harleen Quinzel there to watch her die. To get rid of her, his headache, to finally be rid of this crazy obsessed doctor who won’t take a hint. But even if there is a large majority that wants her to die, there is this little part of him that wants her around. This little nag in a place he thought didn’t work anymore - his heart. Which is why he makes her take the oath, “Would you die for me? Would you live for me?” “Yes.” So a part of him, I think, did start to like her. Which is immediately evidenced by when Harleen falls and Joker jumps after her. He was scared, that she wouldn’t be immune to the toxins. That she wouldn’t live. So he jumped, pulled her out.

But on to your question, ‘Does this make Joker crazier for her?’ I love this question. Does them being in the chemicals together and Joker in after her, to bring her out, to save her, make him more attached to her? My shipper heart says yes, because I do think you see that co-dependence of Joker (and Harley) as he wants her back completely. I mean the chemicals probably would make him crazier the second time around and the second time he’s sharing that intimate “turning crazier experience” with someone else. 

Very interesting.