harley quin and deadpool

Joker vs Deadpool

Imagine a DC and Marvel crossover where Deadpool and the Joker meet. The death count would be maddening. Would the Joker go mad over the fact that deadpool can’t die? Would deadpool try to kill the joker for fun? Or would deadpool try to kill batman because why not? would Deadpool would kill the Joker after learning he’s killed/hurt kids and a robin to boot? Would they talk to the reader? Both of them brake the 4th wall… What do you guys think? What if deadpool met Harley Quin? How would that work?


7. “At least we’re not Harley Quin and the Joker level insane.”

You holstered your two guns back onto your hips. Smirking, you made your way over to the man in a red and black suit with white eyes. He glanced up from his mangled position.

“Done already?” he asked you.
You nodded. “Sure am. Need any help there?”

He groaned as his body mended himself, allowing him to lay on his back. Under his mask, he smirked at you, his significant other.

“You are such a badass!” he complimented, “I mean, I left you with 30 guys.”
“35,” you shrugged, “Besides, I’m dating the most insane person in the world. I have to keep up somehow.”
“Yeah, but I’m your insane person,” he replied cheekily, “And you my insane person.”
You chuckled. “More like you rubbed off on me, Wade.”

You reached out a hand, seeing that his one leg had healed, and pulled his arm around your shoulders. You noticed your costumed boyfriend looking to his left.

“What’s my line again, author lady? Oh yeah.” He turned back to you. “At least we’re not Harley Quin and the Joker level insane.
You smirked and patted his chest. “I’d say we’re up there. You always end up mangled somehow.”
“Kinda my thing.”

You smirked as you led your boyfriend back toward your third stolen vehicle. Deadpool glanced over his shoulder.

“Actually, I stole it. I just like to blame Y/N for fun. Oh! Did you bold my line? You can’t leave your readers without the bolded line, lady.”

You snapped your fingers in front of him.

“Rude of you for making them do that.”

“Wade,” you called, catching his attention, “Are you okay?”

He mumbled something about authors, but you didn’t quite catch the whole thing. You shrugged before getting in the car.

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insane characters’ mbti types

INTJ: HannibalJohn Doe, Professor Moriarty
INFJ: V, Fred Burkle 
INFP: Luna Lovegood, Edward Scissorhands, Cassie Ainsworth, River Tam
ISFP: Annie Wilkes, Jack Torrance 
ISTJ: Dr. Strangelove 
ISFJ: Norman Bates, Gollum
INTP: Sweeney Todd, Kevin Khatchadourian, Crazy Eyes, Abed Nadir 
ENTJ: Mrs. Lovett 
ESFP: Apple, Clementine, Ice King
ESTJ: Alex Delarge, Pennywise 
ENTP: The Joker, Deadpool, Tyler Durden 
ENFP: Harley Quin, Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, The Mask
ESFJ: Hayley Stark
ESTP: Tulip O’Hare, Patrick Bateman, Capt. Jack Sparrow
ENFJ: Tate Langhorn, 
ISTP: Travis Bickle, Rev. Harry Powell, Don Lope de Aguirre