harley morenstein


Were you not able to go to Vidcon, like me?!

Did you miss the LIVE reading of Writing With Grace: Freak Week?!

If you answered YES to either of those two questions, NO WORRIES!

You can watch EPISODE 9 of WRITING WITH GRACE on Grace’s YouTube Channel HERE

You can also watch the FULL LIVE SHOW of FREAK WEEK HERE

I just watched it, and thought it was AMAZING!! So many BEAUTIFUL graphics!! So much hard work, time, and effort went into this, and I definitely think you should watch it!

Also, so many COOL PEOPLE were involved with this: Grace Helbig (of course!), Mamire Hart, Hannah Hart, Chester See, Nikki Limo, Hank Green, Michael Buckley, Harley Morenstein, and Jon Cozart!!!