harley davidson ken


My own dolls at the Vermont Doll Lovers meet up today. 

Julan - IOS Anima on a Ringdoll grown 03 body

Terellion - Impldoll Joshua 

Narise - Impldoll Simon

and Harley Davidson Ken who doesn’t have a character and is just Harley Davidson Ken.

I waffled back and forth between who I was taking with me to Vermont tomorrow. It came down to this guy, Julan, or Terellion. Terellion wound up in the bag. Sorry Julan, maybe next time!

I’m also taking Harley Davidson Ken also because it’s a doll meet up for all kinds of dolls. Barbies are welcome too, so I figure, why not? I’m hoping he’ll hold my phone that I plan to use for GPS. I should probably get out the real phone holder and figure out how to install it instead. 

A YoSD may sneak into my purse as well. I’m trying not to take too many though. Still, a YoSD is easy to carry.

I should also nap. I had a stupid crazy 5 hour nap Friday afternoon, which was good, I needed it, but I’m not tired now. I WILL be tired during the meet if I don’t nap before leaving so maybe some melatonin will help.


Comparing Batman to other dolls by Phyllis
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