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I can't rly talk to you about dc because I've only read like 4 issues of Harley Quinn buuuut idk maybe I could ask for recommendations? >_>

my time has come

okay so if you’ve read harley already then you should check out THIS REC LIST which is harley/ivy and i love it its great god bless

(also @mlmtimdrake is the best he has a whole comic guide tag so check it out ily marco)

in terms of dc rebirth, the comics that have been super good so far imo have been: 

  • batman (2016)
  • batwoman (2017)
  • super sons <<its honestly so cute omg i love damian and jon so much
  • superman (2016)
  • action comics (2016)
  • trinity (2016)
  • blue beetle (2016)
  • detective comics (2016)
  • mother panic
  • the flash (2016) (+ im waiting for my fave to come back)
  • wonder woman (2016)
  • gotham academy: second semester (also gotham academy they’re both just so good i love maps!!!)
  • red hood and the outlaws (2016)
  • titans (2016)
  • dark nights (the summer event) is actually surprisingly good?

(i didn’t link anything but use this site its the best)

also just as a ~note~ lol comics are so fucking confusing you just gotta… pick a comic and run with it and use the dc wiki to make sense of anything they reference bc comics are messy and nothing makes sense

also i focus a lot on my three main kids tim bart and conner because they’re the first people i read about when i got into dc and i love them so much so uh you should definitely read young justice (1999) because tim’s generation is my favorite generation they’re all so great

for tim i rec reading the robin (1993) series bc it really establishes him as a character; for bart you should read impulse (1995) which is, quite honestly, one of my favorite comic runs ever; for kon the superboy (1994) series is great and develops kons entire character but uhhh its also kinda not great for reasons (as in, a 21 year old dating a 16 year old and a 30-ish year old manipulating a 16 year old boy romantically and sexually which is gross)

Lemme just whip out some valentines headcanons here cause you KNOW it would be great

- Riddler leaving little hearts with riddles written in them all over Gotham, and they dont lead to death traps for once, but rather little gifts and stuff??

- Bruce buying gifts for all the batfam, b/c they ARE his family and Valentines is a time to appreciate that

-Ivy taking Harley out to a super cute romantic dinner complete with candles and stuff in the Gotham Botanical Gardens

-Jonathan pretending to read serious novels but is actually reading cheesy romance books on the side

- Mr freeze musing on the Valentines he used to have with Nora before she fell ill

- Garfield blowing up pink and red fireworks all over Gotham in celebration

-Jervis making cards for all the rogues, and then making s card for his Alice, even though she doesnt exist

- Bruce visiting Harvey in Arkham and bringing him a card, b/c even though Harvey’s done awful things, Bruce still see’s Harvey as the friend he once had

Valentines day in Gotham would be quality????

Ok, I know everyone is like pissed that Ivy is betraying Oswald but like she was meant to be in The Pre-Sirens. Really though Oswald has always treated Ivy like a minion. He would always have a power complex with her. I think Ivy deserves to feel powerful and I hope that Tabitha, Selina, and Barbara adopt her into their little family. I’m really excited to see where they go with her character. I think this feeling like an outcast can really be a jumping off point for her to turn to plants as friends. Also, I would love to see a Harley character introduced as a friend of Ivy’s rather than as a Jerome follower. This period of time before she joins the Pre-Sirens could be a great time to discover plant abilities, talk to plants, start hating humans, then find one human she doesn’t hate and eventually reconcile with Selina. This is just what I hope they do but they could go in a completely different direction. I just think the Ivy character has a lot of potential. I’m really rooting for her!!

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Hi there! I dunno if you're open to requests, but if you are, could I request Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy giving each other a bunch of lipstick kisses? Either way, I hope you have a great time with whatever you decide to create next!

Hey anon are u the same who send me a similar request a time ago? I will def draw them i just need a bit of time <3

Headcanons because that's literally the name of this forsaken blog and I haven't written headcanons in 19 years


-Ivy knows all the hot dance moves. No one knows where she learns them from, or how she knows about them so quickly, but she does.

-Literally all of the rogues are pretty technologically savvy except for fetching Joker (isn’t fetch a fun word make fetch happen what up mean girls refrence)

-Joker had like, a brick phone for a million years. The same one. And Harley snapped and bought him an iPhone, and he’s like everyone’s mom and can’t figure out how to work his phone so he’s pissed at Harley for hiding his Nokia damn her

-Jervis Tetch cries during sex

-Jonathan doesn’t believe in ghosts but once when he was super fetching drunk ft. Riddler they went futching ghost hunting and Riddlefukr jumped out at Jon and Jon fear gassed him and cried for three hours and puked probably

-Poison Ivy tends to the gardens at Arkham because who else is gonna do it? And yeah that’s normally how she escapes but the staff is so broken

-Honestly though the salary of an Arkham Guard must be amazing because of the death rate of those buckaroos. Like the guy you’re replacing had his family tortured and killed by the joker literally no one would sign up for that

-There’s also a prejudice against hiring female psychologists because of the whole Harley fiasco which is dumb because Ivy has the power to seduce all of staff and has on multiple occasions because she’s a hot mind control mama

-Honestly though how do they still have a full staff after all this time

-Do the rogues get together and just revel in their shared self hatred

-If we’re being totally honest Eddie wouldn’t be into big strong guys because those are the people who have been abusing him his whole life

-Jonathan is neither big nor strong

-great white can open beer bottles with his teeth

-you can’t celebrate holidays at Arkham because of calendar man (rat bastard)

-Firefly once stole an orderlies matchbox and ended up killing several people so now you can’t even smoke on the job honestly what are these people risking their lives for

-the rogues have their favorite orderlies and psychiatrists and guards and they make sure their favorites never get killed (maybe slightly maimed but never death)

Let's Talk: Harley Quinn

Welcome everyone! Today (while a little late) I’ll continue a new weekly segment called “Let’s Talk”, where I basically do a character analysis and have a discussion as to where that character came from and where they are now. I’ve done some similar pieces, including one on Stephanie Brown and one on Catwoman after she was revealed to be bisexual (click the links if you want to check those out!).

This week I’ll start off with perhaps DC’s or, dare I say it, all of comic books’ most popular female character: Harley Quinn! Click “Read More” to continue!

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23. things you said while you were drunk.

“I can alter my blood toxin levels, Harleen.” Ivy snorted. “Of course I can get drunk.”

Harley never thought she would walk in on drunk Ivy but here she was.

“D'ya have to call me that?” Harley pouted.

“Harleeeeeeen.” Ivy chimed, the glass of wine nearly falling from her hands.

“Not diggin’ it, sweetie. How would you feel if I called you Pamella?”

Ivy seemed to contemplate, her green mouth pursing, eyebrows knitting together.

“Wouldn’t mind.” She grumbled, looking at the floor.

“You wouldn’t?”



“Think it would make me feel a bit normal. How fucking rich is that? Me? Normal?”

Harley shuddered in a way she didn’t like when Ivy cursed, she really was off her face. Still, her Red didn’t seem so good, all melancholy looking.

“Yeah well,” Harley walked towards her and placed both hands on her shoulders. “Normal is a subjective word, who cares-”

“I do! Harley! I care!” Tears welled up in Ivy’s eyes and Harley felt her shake. She tried to soothe down her shoulders. “I wish I didn’t have to give you shots just so you can kiss me. I wish I didn’t have to concentrate really hard so my skin isn’t green in public. I wish… I wish…”

Harley pulled her in and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

“It’s okay, Red, really, the shots don’t hurt that bad!”

Ivy laughed in between her sobs.

“I’m sorry, I’ll try and make them a little less painful.” Her voice was beginning to drawl. “I just want to love you, Harl, I do love you but sometimes I feel like me- myself- won’t let me because I’m poison, Harley, poison. I’m not made to love!”

Harley tried to suppress the lump in her throat but it didn’t work to well as she spoke with an unsteady voice.

“You can’t deny your feelings, Ives. Trust me, I tried with you. Every time I thought about you instead of Joker, I felt like I shouldn’t have been doing it but I did anyway and it ended up being the best choice I ever made. I chose you because I knew you loved me for real.”

Ivy went silent but nuzzled into Harley’s neck.

“I don’t get why though, I ain’t nothin’ special.”

Ivy straightened up and grabbed Harley’s face, pulling her into a sloppy drunken kiss.

“You are everything special to me, Harley, everything.” She held her face close to hers, a little wobbly as she tried to keep her balance. “You’re smart and not-stupid and really really smart. And a great kisser, did I ever tell you that?”

Harley could have cried then and there.

“And you’re drunk, ya parsnip but keep telling me stuff like that, or, y'know, show me instead, like you were just doing.”

Ivy laughed and kissed her again and again until they fell back on the sofa for an unspecified amount of time.

“I’m sorry.” Ivy said after Harley had thought she had fallen asleep. “I do love you, I do.”

“After that smooching session, I’ll never doubt it.” Harley sighed, wrapping a lock of hair around her finger. “So you really think I’m a great kisser?”

“Oh, Harley,” Ivy moaned in a way that Harley’s heart nearly combusted. “The best kisser.”

Harley swallowed. “Looks like I gotta reputation to keep up then.”

But Ivy’s head had drooped and fallen on her chest, conked out, into dreamland, asleep. It looked like Harley would be making a lot of coffee in the morning.

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Prompt 13 with one stiles stilinski please

#13 - Cosplaying

‘Are you sure this looks OK?’ you asked your best friend, May, looking at the costume you’d made in the mirror. You were dressed as Harley Quinn, while May was Poison Ivy. The toilets were full of other people making sure their outfits were perfect before entering Comicon.

May sighed, passing you the mallet. ‘It looks wonderful, (Y/n), now come on! We’ve got stalls to see!’ she said, taking your hand and moving through the crowd.

Comicon was bigger than you’d anticipated. Well, you always knew it was immense, but this took your breath away. The sheer scale of the place, the amount of people in various costumes. There were groups of people posing for photographs. Others were talking animatedly about the things that they wanted to see. The excitement was building, and you couldn’t help but grin at the whole thing.

‘This is amazing!’ you breathed, holding your wrist out for a wristband.

‘It really is!’ said May, bouncing on the balls of her feet and causing the woman putting her band on to chuckle.

‘Enjoy,’ the woman said, just before the two of you darted off.

‘Harley!’ said some guy when you were finally inside.

You turned around sharply, noticing a guy dressed as the Joker standing in front of you. There was a mad smile on his face, and you couldn’t deny that he’d done a great job with the costume. Trailing behind him was a guy dressed as the Riddler, a smile on his face which made you realise that they were having the time of their life.

‘Mr. J!’ you said, giggling before running towards the Joker. ‘I found Ivy, now we just gotta get Bats and we’ll be done.’

Joker tutted. ‘And not cause any chaos first?’ he asked, cocking his head to one side.

‘Maybe a little chaos first,’ you agreed, grinning as he held his hand out for you.

‘Come along, Harley, we’ve got mayhem to cause. What should we do to annoy Bats first?’

‘How about finding his little pet?’ you asked, spotting someone dressed as Robin, their attention on your little villainous group.

‘Nice one,’ said the Joker as you took his hand, before breaking character for only a moment. ‘Stiles, by the way.’

‘(Y/n),’ you introduced, before turning your attention towards the Robin Cosplayer. ‘Well, well, well, the Boy Blunder.’

Stiles chuckled, finally letting go of your hand to circle the guy. You caught sight of a small crowd watching your little show, before trying to help with the thing, suppressing a smile. This was going to be far more entertaining than you’d envisioned.

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What's your opinion on arkham harley? I thought she was cool but I really disliked how they played down her intelligence in the games

I love that they included her and that she had a big presence in each game, but I’m extremely unhappy with the way they characterized her. Let’s start with Arkham Asylum.

She couldn’t fight: ridiculous, given that she’s supposed to be an Olympic-level gymnast who probably had multiple self-defense classes before she became a supervillain, and definitely would have improved her fighting skills after becoming one. They downplayed her intelligence: offensive and demonstrating a shallow understanding of her character in my opinion; she was smart enough to get a degree in psychology, get a job at Arkham, and convince her higher-ups to assign her to the Joker (whether she did it by actually studying or by manipulation is up for debate, but either way, she’d have to have a certain level of intelligence to do it, and she was not portrayed with that level of intelligence in the games). Her costume designs were fun, but entirely impractical, especially in Arkham Asylum where she’s doing flips and swinging from ropes and performing all sorts of acrobatics. If her costume was real– corset, push-up bra, platform boots– it would be physically impossible for her to do any of that. She was being treated more as a narrative device than an actual character.

In Arkham City, it makes more sense for her to have a non-athletic costume and to not be as involved in the storyline because she’s taking care of Joker. (The costume was still dumb because she’s got her midriff and arms exposed in the middle of the Gotham winter, but, whatever, let’s just say she spends most of her time inside where it’s warm.) It would have been nice to see her interact with Selina and Ivy since they’re supposed to be such good friends, but again, we can give it the benefit of the doubt because she’s got her plate full with Joker. Her intelligence was downplayed again, unfortunately, and this really comes out (in my opinion) in the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC. I feel like they had a great opportunity to develop her character through her mourning over the Joker’s declining health, but it was just poorly written and executed. She still wasn’t treated as her own character; she was treated as the Joker’s one-dimensional sidekick, even after he was dead. Hell, Robin had more depth than Harley did, and he was in the main storyline for what, thirty seconds? Which reminds me– the pregnancy test. I thought it was a fantastic Easter egg, don’t get me wrong– but when they put a positive pregnancy test and a crib in the Joker’s hide-out, and then create an entire DLC plot based on physically assaulting a woman who is possibly pregnant, it’s not okay. I know she wasn’t actually pregnant, but that’s not the point. The point is that they took the effort to imply she could be, and then had Batman and Robin beat the crap out of her anyway– which is entirely unnecessary in the first place, given the way Bats literally just took her out with a single deflective movement in Arkham Asylum. Twice. Batman would never treat her the way he did in HQR, not unless there had been a game-changer that would cause him to change his sympathetic feelings toward her. I know she was upset because of the Joker’s death, and I know he was upset because she might have killed Robin, but Harley and Batman’s relationship has never, ever been the kind where he would lose control like that. If they’re going to change something that drastically, it needs to be developed and executed much better than it was.

Arkham Origins, on the other hand, was mind-blowingly spot-on with their Harley. She was smart. She was young. She was caught off-guard by a charming, charismatic, dangerous man– and she was put in danger because of it. And from her tone of voice after being rescued by Batman, she was disappointed in herself for letting the Joker take advantage of her like that. If you look in Calendar Man’s cell in the beginning of the game, there’s a Christmas card from H. Q. That’s Harley. That’s a woman who is caring and empathetic and passionate that people get treated as people, no matter what crimes they’ve committed. She was in the game for less than five minutes, and in that time they managed to make her an intelligent, three-dimensional character, with more development than two entire games worth of her being in situations where she could be her “true self”.

Which brings us to Arkham Knight. From what I’ve seen, Harley’s powerful, and she knows it. She isn’t somebody’s sidekick or love interest. She’s her own character. She hangs out with Two-Face, Penguin, and Scarecrow– three of the most powerful, dangerous, and feared men in the city– just chilling in the back of the truck, probably swinging her legs like a little kid. She is comfortable around these guys, not because her boyfriend is the Clown Prince of Crime who will kick their asses if they touch her, but because her boyfriend was the Clown Prince of Crime and when he vacated the throne she became Queen. Honestly, I think the Penguin/Two-Face/Scarecrow/Harley team-up was her idea in the first place, because she’s the only one in there with the personality to even consider it. Two-Face and Penguin are too busy trying to rule the city by themselves to give one the chance to back-stab the other; Scarecrow wants experiment and spread panic and any grandeur that comes from that isn’t his main goal. Harley, on the other hand, just wants to have fun with her friends.

So yeah. Asylum and City had terrible Harley characterization, Origins was a gift from the heavens above, and Knight will hopefully be comparable to the second coming of Christ.

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Homework assignment! (Should you choose to accept) Write an in-depth analysis (three or more paragraphs) of the Harley/Ivy relationship. Use scans if possible. (Links work, too. No need to show them all up front.) This means covering all aspects (friendship, abuse, romantic feelings if any, sexual (optional)). I look forward to your response. (Optional bonus assignment: Compare and contrast Harley/Ivy to Joker/Harley.)

I’m a huge fan of the Harley/Ivy pairing! I dunno if this is at all relevant to your question, but I myself am bisexual and that’s one of the reasons that I’m such a fan and why I’m glad that DC is finally being up-front about calling them girlfriends after years of queer-baiting and “are they or aren’t they” coy ridiculousness. It feels very validating! I’ve ~bragged about this countless times, but one of my friends even gave me a super official Harley/Ivy fan badge that I display on my bookshelf. 

Overall, I think Harley and Ivy’s relationship is a supportive, nourishing, fun one and much more positive for Harley than her relationship with Joker (I’m also a huge fan of the Joker/Harley pairing, but I’m not gonna pretend it’s anything but destructive). For example, in Batman: Harley Quinn Ivy nurses Harley back to health after Joker attempts to kill her, even going so far as to strengthen her immune system. 

However, it’s worth nothing that Ivy’s apathy towards humans is so strong that it does extend towards Harley at times (which is not entirely unexpected IMO). 

Sometimes I feel like Ivy has a hard time reconciling her disgust towards humans with her feelings for Harley, and that results in her hurting Harley’s feelings even when she doesn’t intend to do it and is actually trying to express her affection. 

Sexually and romantically I think they’re very, very into each other and have excellent chemistry (if you’ll pardon the pun). I would even go so far as to say that in a few panels I’ve seen Harley exhibit more sexual chemistry with Ivy than she has towards Joker in the past–which isn’t to say that she doesn’t find Joker sexy (obviously that’s not even remotely true!) but that what she shares with Ivy sexually is something much more…mutual and receptive, I suppose are the words I’m looking for. 

But their relationship isn’t just about sex: they’re both very much in love with and care deeply about each other, even if Ivy has difficulty expressing it–which I think is understandable given how hideously she was treated by Jason Woodrue in the past. 

But while I’m a fan of the pairing and think it has many, many positive things about it, both in terms of fiction and its real-life impact on fans, I do want to note that there have been times where I feel that Ivy was abusive towards Harley. I don’t say this to disparage the ship or its fans, but to point out that even relationships–both real and fictional–that are overall great are still capable of having abusive moments, and I think it’s important that we recognize those moments and discuss why they are harmful rather than just brush them under the rug because we don’t want to think negative things about our favorite characters and pairings. 

Anyway, all of this is to say LONG LIVE HARLEY/IVY, and I hope that we’re able to see more of them together in the future. :)