• Honestly the argument of Harley and Ivy being an abusive relationship (which it isn’t) only arose in backlash from people calling out how JxH is abusive (which it is), and even if the intent isn’t to be sapphobic/homophobic/wlwphobic, they’re trying to tear down a wlw ship to make their straight ship look good, and the outcome is several kinds of phobic. Harley and Ivy’s relationship has been tumultuous in the past, but its rocky nature is neither consistent nor prevalent. Basically if someone ships JxH but claims that Harley and Ivy are just as if not more toxic stay far, far away.

harley and ivy properly confirmed as canon in bombshells

catwoman is bi, aqualad is gay, apollo and midnighter are reunited, gotham academy is crossing over with lumberjanes and their openly wlw and trans characters

john constantine rumoured to be openly bi in the justice league dark movie

*Remembers that it was canon for so long that Harley was the only one who could lay a hand on Ivy without getting poisoned or dying*

*Remembers that Ivy being poisonous to the touch worked for her own protection against people who would want to use her or do her harm*

*Remembers that Harley is the first person Ivy let within five feet of her, and allowed Harley to touch her, and Harley’s touch was the first gentleness she’d allowed near her in so long*

*Lies down*