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Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: A Batman imagine

Summary: Reader is Bruce’s assistant, she doesn’t know about his alter ego. Bruce knows everything about her but one thing, he does know that you’re friends with a certain red head but doesn’t know why.

Word Count: 1640

Y/N L/N was Bruce Wayne’s assistant; she has been for a while now. She’s been there since the day Rachel had died and she was still with him through thick and thin. She helped him in the office and at home too. She did everything that he asked of her without a second thought but he never gave her anything that could potentially put her life at risk. Bruce didn’t want Y/N to be part of the life of Batman. But sooner or later secrets were bound to happen.

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Pieces || Part 3: Happy Memories

Part 3! Oh my lord I didn’t expect to get farther than the first part! Thank you so much for liking the parts before this one and I really hope you guys like this story!

Gist: You had a past relationship with Damian, but due to unfortunate events, it came to a halt after taking two different sides and five years since have passed and now both sides have to come together to help save Earth from Brainiac.



1. Really crappy. I’m not following the comics, mostly the second game because there’s a clear plot line I can use. But parts of the comic do show up and are mentioned.

2. Really short chapter

3. Since Damian Wayne wins the “Colossal Asswipe With Daddy Issues Award” in the game, I’ll give him more feelings just for you guys. So OOC Damian comin’ at ya.


PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3

There had been a time when everyone was happy. Bruce and Clark were best friends, almost brothers even. Diana never manipulated anyone. Hal didn’t think even once about turning to the yellow ring. [Name] hadn’t been around long enough, but she still witnessed it. When she met the Justice League, she had been taken in only because Batman had caught her causing trouble with her powers.

“Why make his pants catch on fire?“ The Flash asked as he leaned against the table, staring at the guilty looking child who sat across from him. [Name] turned her head away from him, as if embarrassed what to say. The whole Justice League had come together when Batman had called all of them in, telling them about another anomaly he saw while in Gotham. They had expected him to bring the arm of an alien or another overly experimented drug that was being created in the alleyways of the brooding city.

They didn’t expect to see him with a little girl with her bands being clamped down by a container like handcuff. Her head leaned against the cold metal as she looked at the Flash and everybody in the room with her, who were expecting an answer from her. An embarrassed look crossed her face as she smiled sheepishly at them. “He was lying about taking my mom’s purse the other day, so I set it on fire.” The League stared at her. Was she being serious? “Get it? Liar, liar, pants on fire?”

Bruce looked down at her, not acknowledging her comical way of punishing the robber and [Name] shrunk into her seat a little deeper, the cuffs weighing into her stomach. The Flash snorted not a minute later and he put a hand on Bruce’s shoulder. “Hey, if you’re not looking to keep her as your ward, I’ll take care of her.” He said to him jokingly.

Wonder Woman, who walked up to [Name], put a hand on her shoulder. “It is funny, yes, but you need to know the difference between subduing someone and injuring them like that.” She gave her a smile, to try and ease her unnerved emotions from being touched by a hero. A snicker erupted behind her and she was shocked to see a giggling Superman, who kept saying “Pants on fire.”

[Name] knew she was never going to forget that memory and for the past few years she kept that memory as a means of remembering that the Justice League had, indeed, existed with the members getting along. Sometimes she second guessed that memory as she watched the team, dividing itself already after Batman dismissed them all. She can see both teams watching each other carefully before going into the groups they were assigned to.

[Name] had looked at the blonde and Wonder Woman, not necessarily happy to be paired with them. She felt someone nudge her back and she glared at Bruce, who looked at her expectantly. “Why can’t I just go with you? Diana is as bad as a tyrant as laser eyes over there.” She whispered to him, annoyed. Clark, who had been talking to Damian and Adam, stopped mid-sentence as he watched [Name] cross her arms and tap her foot impatiently.

“I can hear you, [Name].” He told her threateningly. His eyes beamed red and he felt a whip of fire fly toward him. He didn’t flinch, but he felt something different coming off of her from the last time they met–something more dangerous.

“Go suck on your ego, Clark.” The youngest member snapped back as the flames subsided into her hand until it climbed up and disappeared into her weather resistant suit. Her head turned to Bruce again, “Are you sure I can’t do this on my own?”

Damian was the one to speak up this time. “Those Betas can kill you, [Name]. It doesn’t matter how much power you hold; you can die.” He sounded more informative, but as she turned her head to look at him, she could see there was something else he wanted to say to her. His mouth moved slightly, like he was ready to talk, but decided not to. His eyes focused on her body language, rigid and shifty as he spoke the whole time, causing an uncomfortable seizing in his chest.

Looking away from him, [Name] walked past him, whispering something only he and the Super Cousins were able to hear. “That’s still safer than being with them.” His eyes never left her form, analyzing the possible ways that he could say to convince her to think otherwise on being alone, but he knew she wouldn’t listen to him. Despite what she thought, he knew she was just as stubborn as him. He grabbed her arm before she went past him, making her stop. They both examined each other, thinking if this was really the person they once knew–who spent most of their nights together on a rooftop as teenagers, holding hands and talking about school.

What went wrong?

“Damian?” [Name] whispered as she heard the loud knocking on her window, Robin, without a doubt hanging from the ledge. His lips edged to a small smile at the sight of his girlfriend and her’s gave a sigh of relief as she opened the window. Her arms reached around his neck and his around her waist. His lips pressed against the side of her head. “What happened to you yesterday night? Bruce hasn’t spoken about you and I can’t get anything out of hi–”

“I left with Clark.” Damian admitted, watching the girl in front of him quirk her eyebrows into a heavy frown. He settled a hand on her cheek. “Father doesn’t understand. Locking up those criminals–those monsters–won’t do anything. We have to eradicate them, immediately. Come with me, beloved. We can protect you.”

“Damian–I–I can’t. You shouldn’t be doing this. I thought you gave up killing–” Her voice wavered as she watched Damian’s green eyes darken significantly at her answer.

He looked at her with grief. “Killing those monsters is the only thing to get rid of this madness, [Name]. Don’t tell me you’re with Batman on this.” [Name] kept quiet, her eyes focusing on her blanket as the heartbreaking realization hit her. Damian moved his hand to her chin, forcing her to look at his eyes. “You’re with… Father on this?”

[Name] replied, her tears slipping. “Damian, I don’t want to do this, but–”

“–but what, [Name]?” He snapped at her, making the younger girl fall silent and watch as his lips were set into a straight line. “Those criminals do not deserve a chance to live! They need to pay for what they’ve done by taking a sword to their throat! Bruce is letting them live and escape from Arkham! And you’re siding with him?”

He kept silent as he watched [Name] bite her lip. Then, in the whole silence, she whispered, “You’re just as much of a monster as them if you kill them, Damian. They might be murderers, thieves–the whole leap, but they do not deserve to die in such a humiliating way.” Her eyes sparked as she met his emerald ones. “They’re awful, but they don’t deserve an execution if it wasn’t ordered.”

His eyes turned to stone the minute he learned of her allegiance to his father. “I think I should go. Clearly I can see what side you go on, beloved.” He sneered as he moved away from her and quickly made his way to the window.

“Damian.” She whispered. “Damian, please! We can’t leave it like this. Please.” Her voice sounded desperate as she watched her boyfriend step out into the night again. He looked at her for a minute, taking her appearance in. A hand gripped her chest, as if she were trying to hold something from falling, water falling down her cheeks. He turned his head away from her, jumping from roof to roof. Before he was out of earshot, he heard a loud, breaking voice echoing in the silent streets of Gotham City. “DAMIAN!”

Oh, right. That’s what happened. They didn’t speak often after that. It broke them both. It had to. They couldn’t be together for such a long time to have nothing come out of it. [Name] did everything to try and contact him behind Bruce’s back in the beginning until their second encounter, where he told her to stop trying to talk to him. He was pelted with large rocks and angry fire almost a minute after. [Name] had promised herself to never speak or come near Damian after he had been apprehended, but now here they were. He was touching her and looking at her at close proximity. And she was letting him do it.

I hate you. She seethed as she narrowed her eyes at the man. And at herself. Damian looked back without a problem, keeping his gaze steady on her as they had their stare off. “If you won’t listen to me, then listen to Bruce. You can’t get hurt. You’re too valuable of a teammate.”

“We’re not teammates.” [Name] snapped violently, pulling her arm away harshly. “We never will be so you have no absolute right to tell me what to do.” They glared at each other, their tension, for a minute, almost comparing between Bruce and Clark’s. A hand was set on [Name]’s shoulder and she didn’t need to turn around to know who had artificial claws.

“Pandemonium. For once I’ll need to agree with the demonic brat on this. Go with Wonder Woman. It’ll only be a few hours.” Selina said to her. [Name] met her eyes which, for once, had lost the teasing gleam behind them turning serious and grim. A sense of warning had been sent to the younger woman and she spun to the Amazonian and the Kryptonian, only giving Damian a small glance.

Bruce, after letting [Name] walk to her selected group in pure annoyance, nodded before turning and saying, “Split up.”

[Name] and Diana gave each other wary eyed looks before the princess had decided to walk ahead, where Superman’s team was walking to head to. The [hair color] colored hero fumed, seeing she had to be stuck with everybody she most definitely did not want to be paired with. Barry and Hal had already disappeared before she had the chance to try and stay with them and Bruce was most likely heading to anywhere but the location where citizens were present. Not to mention the way to the Bat Cave was probably infested with parasites with weapons, then [Name] stopped and examined the people in front of her, her temporary “kill-or-be-killed” team, and thought What’s the difference?

“You don’t like my cousin.” A feminine voice said to her, breaking her away from her evaluation. The blonde with the “S” was staring at her. “I don’t understand why you hate him so much.”

If you know what he’s been doing for almost a whole decade, then you’d know.

“Don’t do this, Clark!” [Name] said as she watched him hold the man by the neck. He was young, almost eighteen, only a year older than her. [Name] gripped her sprained ankle as she watched him struggle under the Kryptonian’s hold. “Clark, please!”

The older man gave her a disappointed look. “He’s a criminal, [Name]. He doesn’t deserve to live. You saw him; he had a gun pointed at innocent people. You’re willing to let him shoot civilians instead of letting him die?”

“I was going to stop him!” [Name] yelled back as she tried to retain the small amount of power she had on her. “Just let him go! He’s a bad person but we can take him away to authorities and–”


The crunching of the teenager’s neck caused the youngest hero to stop, her voice squeaking. Clark let him go from his stance in the sky and [Name], finally able to muster up much of her abilities, pulled wind from the sky, making the dead body hover down slowly instead of crashing. Her feet moved as quickly as it could to the body, dropping to her knees to the man.

Peaking out from his jacket, a wallet fell out, opening to a picture. Her eyes zeroed in on a young woman, his girlfriend probably, with a child who resembled him. A grocery list was followed behind it and a set of bills, not enough to pay for those groceries, looked up from its pocket.

A teenage father. He killed a teenage father.

[Name] felt something–a heavy emotion–weigh into her chest, dropping to her stomach as she watched Clark hover over her. He glowered at her, but she didn’t flinch as she narrowed her tear struck eyes at him. “I am authority.” Clark snapped.

[Name] picked up the wallet and walked away. “You’re a demon who needs to be stopped.”

[Name] vaguely remembered the body being taken away by Clark somewhere and her attempting to find the murdered man’s family. When she did, the teenage mother had burst into tears, clutching onto the hero’s stiffened state. Her mind had gone blank after that, resulting in her to not speak to anybody about it, not even Alfred. That snap of the neck–it had pulled her down into what seemed like a never ending black hole of insanity.

“I don’t just hate him. I hate all of them.” [Name] answered in confidence, hoping everyone in front of her heard her. From the dirty looks she received, she was happy to say it was mission success. “Superman just takes the gold.”

Kara raised a brow at her before looking at the back of Damian’s head. “I don’t think you hate everyone here. I see the way you look at Nightwing.” She whispered to her ear. [Name] looked at her, disbelief evident on her face. Did she not witness the amount of malice she shot at her ex? Kara’s lips turned upward slightly. “You love him.”

“I do not love him.” [Name] whispered angrily, her face heating up drastically. “He’s a pompous ass who I dated for a brief moment.”

“Three years isn’t brief.” Kara answered back. “Wonder Woman told me you two worry about each other, even during fights, but are too prideful to show any of it.” They had reached the ledge by the time Kara finished that sentence and [Name] rolled her eyes, pulling herself over the metallic balcony. Kara and Wonder Woman had already flown up, but [Name] felt a hand grab her arm tightly. She turned to see a set of green eyes again.

“What?” She asked Damian. He looked at her, concern sheeting his appearance this time, nothing like his stoic persona back when everyone was still gathered. A rolling in her stomach turned around and around, feeling like a teenager. She never felt like this before except when she was with Damian at times like this. She had dated between those five years, but never lasted too long, none of them satisfying her in certain perspectives–too nice or too loud to her personal opinions. Maybe she was just selective.

Or maybe you still love Damian, her old self said in the back of her head. You don’t actually hate him. You’re only convincing yourself that you hate him.

No shut up. [Name] chastised herself, but from the way Damian was staring her–like he was thirteen and she was twelve after they had gone on their first date and he was afraid he would mess it all up if he insulted her in any way, shape or form–the small, Pre-Superman Crisis part of her couldn’t help but speak up for her logically.

“Can we talk?” He asked her after a minute of staring at each other. “After… All of this ends.” He made motions around him, as if trying to address the gigantic alien problem they were trying to stop. A hopeful look glinted behind his eyes at the question and [Name] tried to suppress the same feeling. She bit her lip, thinking. Maybe they can at least try to make amends, put a Band Aid over their wounds.

But would a Band Aid fix that big of a wound?

Pondering, [Name] gave a cautious nod. “Fine.” She confirmed before jumping off the balcony. A jet of air flowed under her feet and she gave her ex-boyfriend a stiff nod. “Good luck.” She muttered before flying off next to Kara.

“Don’t love him yet?”

“Put a sock in it, Kara.”


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