Help Leigh Harlett start her new life in Sydney!
Hello! Thank you for viewing my fundraising page. My name is Leigh Harlett and I am a recent university graduate looking to kick-start the next stage of my life. Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, I recently broke up with my long-term partner and was forced to move back in with my mother...

I started a youcaring fundraiser to help me move in with @obernatos in Sydney. Nobody should feel obligated to donate anything, it is completely and utterly optional. ♥ I will also be starting up cross stitch commissions again over at @pixelstitched if you would rather buy something than donate. Thank you for reading~


Bette Midler performing Leader of the Pack.  Katey Sagal is one of the Harlettes backing her up.  Bette is just an amazing, funny, vibrant woman. Not the best quality video but the magic of this performance makes up for any technical glitches.

So my boyfriends mom is super religious, and she found out that he’s been staying at my house and that we’ve been having sex. Of course all of it is MY fault (because you know my boyfriend doesn’t have his own capacity for free thought or choice) and I’m a harlette who took him from the church and has made him do ungodly things! She also hopes that I don’t “break his heart”, that i’m not “just using him for sex”, and that “at least when she was my age she had enough RESPECT to wait until marriage”.