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【Harlequιn*Project】Children Record【合唱】 (by xHarlequinPROJECT)

Aqua here, presenting Harlequin’s very special second chorus!

This chorus was planned for our lovely leader’s birthday! *u* Her birthday was on September 30th, unfortunately it took us a bit longer to pull this together than we had planned, but it’s done nonetheless!! We hope you enjoy!



It took about four and half months and it wasn’t a yes BUT IT WASN’T A NO EITHER.

They actually said they like my voice and my story as a lot of potential, but it needs some editing. They gave me some suggestions that they acknowledged might take the story in a different direction than what I have now, but if I would consider a rewrite, THEY DEFINITELY WANT ME TO RESUBMIT and they gave me a name of a person to attention it to.

The main issue they had was they think I have too many side characters that are pulling the focus from my hero and heroine. I wanted to mention you specifically, @kelkat9, as I know your story involves a large community of people so this may be something for you to think about. They also mentioned that a lot of the conflict keeping my main two apart comes from the influence of side characters rather than pulling from the two characters’ rich backstory.

So I think what I’m going to do is try to combine as many of my side characters as I can. Keeping the DW names in order for you to follow where I’m going with this, I’m going to only have Donna send Ten to Rose, instead of sending Jack and Ten for her to choose from. I’ll combine the Jack, Sarah-Jane, and Donna characters, making it just Donna, and give Jack’s juicier lines to Ten. It’ll cut down on characters and make Ten’s character more interesting. I’m also going to focus more on Ten’s background as a prossie as a method of conflict. I may also cut the River side story. This will all redirect some of the side conflict from other characters to the main characters.

OMG, I’m so excited! I could hardly sleep last night. I have a lot of work ahead of me.


【Harlequιn*Project】Setsuna Trip【合唱】 (byxHarlequinPROJECT)

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the long wait, but here’s our “Halloween Special” upload of Setsuna Trip, haha! xD

I’d like to apologize for the delay, but we hope you can forgive us for getting it out on Halloween! 8D We hope you enjoy this upload. Cheers!



【Harlequιn*Project】CARNIVAL【合唱】 (by xHarlequinPROJECT)

k*chan here!

Just reposting our first chorus that we finished!

Man, this particular chorus is special to me for a few reasons.

First reason: WOW WE GOT THIS DONE & WE SOUND GREAT TOGETHER. This was what made me really excited to finish this. Yes, it took a bit of time (three months … forgive me,) but I was really happy with the results! While I was also happy with the product, a lot of others seemed to have enjoyed it as well! It’s a great feeling to have.

I also saw this chorus as a “test-run” of some sorts. While I was looking over how the singing would sound, I also worried about the mixing and animation as well. During the audition process, I had an idea of who I thought to have sound nice together, and what sound I was going for. & To see all of these work so well together, it got me really excited to start on our future projects, knowing with what we can produce.

And lastly: the animation. I think this was the most work I’ve ever put in an animation project LOL /continues to stare at the project size. While it was a lot of fun, the rendering part was hell.

I think that’s all the input that I can put into this chorus. I’m glad that a lot of you guys enjoyed it & I hope you await our next big chorus!

- Terrible at word vomit, k*chan.


【H*P】Chorus Teaser? :D (by xHarlequinPROJECT)


- k*chan


【H*P】 paranoia 【6人合唱】 (by xHarlequinPROJECT)


Credits and mp3 (coming soon) are found in the YT description. Enjoy!

- k*chan