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hi! i'm curious who/what pierrot is? and what sorta is the project ur doin with him?? they're real cute

For the project, I’m doing doodles of 200 variations of Pierrot’s costume (most of them based on real costumes, illustrations, dolls that I’ve found) and as for who Pierrot is…

Once upon a time, Italian improv troupes roamed around giving comedic open-air performances that exploited the character tropes of the day (servants, masters, officers etc) and it was called ✧ COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE ✧

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Cirque d'etoile for Rufflecon.

JSK, Necklace, Socks, Headbow, Crest Rosette: AP
Blouse: Metamorphose
Cream rosette: Handmade by me
Red Rosette: Infanta?
Shoes: VW x Melissa

When I put together this coordinate, I was really happy with it, but in hind-sight look at photos, I feel like the socks make my legs looks really weird. Like wavy noodles.

Not sure what socks to pair with it. AP did a harlequin print, but that seems way too busy.

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"L-Luna?" The ginger called out; situated in the middle of a field under a single, large oak tree. He was heavily tied to it with shackles and chains, tears streaming down his cheeks. He was cold, so very cold; and with only his harlequin-printed trousers on, he really did have reason to be. He'd been there for days; no food, no water; and had been calling the same name over and over, only now his tiny strength reserves were failing and he barely had enough to muster a whisper. "Please..."

Luna gasped and ran to the ginger and tried to get the chains and ropes off him “w-who did this to you!?” he said worried to death about him, and he undid the chains and ropes and pulled him into his arms and covered the ginger with his wings to keep him warm

Yeah, this happened. I wore the Pinup Girl Clothing Lauren top in purple/green Harlequin print with the matching Jenny skirt. It was magical. As you can see. I seriously love this outfit.

Also, I need more Lauren tops, they are fantastic.

top, skirt and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, cami - Shanton, tights - Walmart, shoes - Hush Puppies, earrings and brooch (on left lapel) - equip

Awesome new Lauren top from Pinup Girl Clothing. I love the new Harlequin prints! Also, this top is very boobilicious. Perhaps too much so for work, but I wore it anyway. :)

Also, this is my 500th outfit photo on I Like Pretty Clothes! Exciting, or excessive?

top - Pinup Girl Clothing, skirt - Betty Le Bonbon, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, tights - Walmart, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - gift from friend, earrings - Kmart