OMG it’s been so long since I’ve been to such an amazing rock concert like tonight. Thank you so much @newpoliticsrock for an amazing night! After seeing you at Summer Camp 2013 I knew I had to see you headlining your own show. The energy you guys have with the positive message you guys send out makes me so incredibly happy and love you guys so much. And I’m even happier that Louis saw my TWLOHA phone case and knew what it was. I hope to see you guys soon 💕 thanks for the drumstick and set list ❤️🎶 #NewPolitics #Seattle #HarlemUSATour #Neumos #music #concert (at Neumos)


Just found out how to compile vids without cropping so might as well show off David moving his hips and being the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. #DavidBoyd #NewPolitics #HarlemUSATour #Seattle #Neumos

@newpoliticsrock and me. So so so so so amazing and the nicest sweetest most perfect guys I have ever met. I have been to a ton of shows in the past 10 years and I can honestly say this is one of my favorites. Their performance was mind blowing. Breakdancing, walking on the crowd, flips, and tons of other antics. Please go see them. You will cry over how perfect they are(I almost did). Also happy birthday @me_is_boyd Sorry I mixed you and @loupolitics up. HAHAHA #newpolitics #newportmusichall #harlemusatour #iwantedtotakethemallhomewithme #soooohandsome (at Newport Music Hall)


One week ago. This was my favorite part of the show. @me_is_boyd #FallIntoTheseArms #NewPolitics #crowdsurf #Seattle #Neumos #HarlemUSATour #DavidBoyd

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Lou and the drum kit of many colors #harlemusatour @newpoliticsrock @loupolitics @me_is_boyd @sorenpolitics