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Zenkaikon 2013 Harlem Shake! 
i’m in the bottom left corner exactly! shaking my ass off haha


Harlem Shake. Aeropuerto castellon edition.

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How to create your own theory in 5 steps.

1.  Think of something really obvious that everybody knows but is something current and happening.  (My example:  Harlem Shake and Gangnam style have resulted in a spate of people copying videos and putting them on the internet)

2.  Think of a word for this. (My example: copying)

3.  Look up in a thesaurus a better word for the word you have (My example: emulation)

4.  Combine the new word you have with another word to make it sound like a theory.  (My example: super or hyper - emulation)

5.  Present your theory (My example:  Super-emulation- the process of a large or mass audience reproducing something they have seen on the internet - WALKER, 2013)


Supernatural Harlem Shake

This makes me so happy