I live in a graveyard~~~ (Friendly Ghost, Harlem)

Dear Harlem, Where are you?  Please tour again.

Be Your Baby
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I just wanna be your baby
I don’t mean maybe
I just wanna be your baby
And if, if I could be your darlin’
You gotta start fallin' 
for all the bullshit I give you 

Talk about it from A to B
Play guitar from G to C 
That’s all about how you hate me


Song of the day.


Okay this was really hard for me and it’s sort of a combination of albums that mean a lot to me and albums I listen to the most. One of them is an EP but I just had to include it anyway.

1. In Rainbows- Radiohead
2. Floating Coffin- Thee Oh Sees
3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra- self titled
4. Hippies- Harlem
5. Rubber Soul- The Beatles
6. Electric Ladyland- Jimi Hendrix
7. Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone- The Unicorns
8. The Life and Times of a Paperclip- The Garden
9. IS IS- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
10. Visions- Grimes

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SET SALE! (Prices ppd)

The Fall of Troy - S/T (black) - $27

The Fall of Troy - in the unlikely event (mint green) - $29

Glassjaw - EYEWTKAS (Orange) - $40

The Ataris - End is Forever (red/yellow swirl) - $22

Hawthorne Heights - if only you were lonely (white) - $23

MCR - black parade (black white swirl) - $28

MCR - three cheers ( clear with red splatter) - $26

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (clear) - $21

Harlem - Hippies - $30

Brand new - Daisy (green) - $24

Prices are very negotiable, pics upon request, pm me! Thanks! :)


i was tagged to do my top 10 albums by fkaleaves :-) 

these r just a few that r important to me… picking just 10 is very hard!!!!! so in no particular order here they are!

1. chutes too narrow - the shins

2. the dreamgirls soundtrack (it brings back so many memories for me and all the songs r bangers imo

3. lets bottle bohemia - the thrills

4. francoise hardy self titled

5.  hippies- harlem

6. blondie self titled

7. port of morrow - the shins 

8. low end theory - a tribe called quest

9. arular - MIA (although honestly every one of her albums deserve a spot here)

10. true EP - solange (i just always keep coming back to it!)

i tag anyone who sees this n wants to do it!!!!

April 2, 2015 Playlist

1. Rocket 3 - Submission (Burn) [2014, Ramune Nagisetty]
2. Hefner - Christian Girls (Boxing Hefner) [2000, Too Pure]
3. Comet Gain - An Arcade from the Warm Rain That Falls (Howl of the Lonely Crowd) [2011, Fortuna POP!]
4. Kissing Party - Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow (Looking Back It Was Romantic but At the Time I Was Suffocating) [2014, Hot Congress]
5. California Snow Story - The Only One That Matters (One Good Summer) [2002, Shelflife]
6. The Besties - St. Francis (Home Free) [2008, Hugpatch]
7. Harlem - Someday Soon (Hippies) [2010, Matador]
8. Rose Melberg - Another Cup of Coffee (Portola) [1998, Double Agent Records]
9. Neutral Milk Hotel - The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea) [1998, Merge Records]
10. 산울림 (Sanoolim) - 창문너머 어렴풋이 옛생각이 나겠지요 (6집) [1980]
11. Skelocrats - Lyin’ Eyes (Bella Bella)
12. Avi Buffalo - Think It’s Gonna Happen Again (At Best Cuckold) [2014, Sub Pop]
13. The Cat’s Miaow - I Hate Myself More Than You Do (A Kiss and a Cuddle) [2003, Library Records]
14. Elephant Stone - Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin (Elephant Stone) [2013, HIDDEN PONY]
15. Brighter - Does Love Last Forever? (Noah’s Ark) [1990, Sarah]
16. The Haywains - I Hate to Disappoint You (Never Mind Manchester, Here’s the Haywains) [1991, Emily’s Shop]
17. Hospitality - Liberal Arts (Hospitality) [2012, Merge Records / Hostess]
18. Helen Love - Teenage Soap Opera (Day-Glo Dreams) [2013, Elefant Records]
19. Belle & Sebastian - She’s Losing It (Tigermilk) [1996, Electric Honey]