This is my tribute to the black cartoon characters I grew up watching. Happy Black History Month.

1. Gerald - Hey Arnold
2. Keesha - The Magic School Bus
3. Huey & Riley Freeman - The Boondocks
4. Fillmore - Fillmore
5. Storm - X-Men
6. Sunny Bridges - Class of 3000
7. C Bear and Jamal - C Bear and Jamal
8. The Browns - The Cleveland Show
9. Kwame - Captain Planet
10. Brock - Pokemon
11. Susie - The Rugrats
12. Franklin - Peanuts
13. Little Bill - Little Bill
14. The Junkyard Gang - Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids
15. John Stewart - Justice League
16. Gary Coleman - The Gary Coleman Show
17. Static Shock - Static Shock
18. Skeeter - Doug (yes Skeeter is black… Don’t question it)
19. Chef - South Park
20. The Harlem Globetrotters - The Super Globetrotters
21. Miranda - As Told By Ginger
22. Vince - Recess
23. The Prouds - The Proud Family
24. Uniqua - The Backyardigans (her name is Uniqua… Don’t question it)
25. The Tenants of the Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Projects - The Pjs
26. Afro Samurai - Afro Samurai
27. Damey Wayne - Waynehead
28. Cyborg - Teen Titans
29. Mr. Popo - Dragonball Z (let me have this one)
30. Numbuh 5 - Kids Next Door

An original production cel from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The show was among a burst of 1970s-era Saturday morning cartoons that featured positive African-American characters.

Courtesy of Pamela Thomas/Museum of UnCut Funk!

Hey Hey Hey! Historian Draws Attention To ‘70s Black Animation Art
Pamela Thomas grew up during the 1970s watching cartoons that featured African-American characters. Now, she relives her childhood Saturday mornings through her collection of black animation art on display at the Museum of UnCut Funk!


Sometimes you take on some odd commissions when you’re freelancing- here are two images I just dug up from an old art folder that ought to see the light of day.

I just got permission to post the top one- a long while back I got tapped to throw together an illustration for a pitch to revive the Harlem Globetrotters cartoon. It was a 24 hour commission- due the next day, but it seemed like a fun challenge and I threw this together overnight :D 

I knew little about the Globetrotters, and even less about basketball- but I pulled up a lot of reference and tried to find a way to make it as fun as possible. “What if it was nostalgic family friendly popcorn sports fun…like Roll Bounce?” (don’t you judge me. Roll Bounce is great.)
As is wont to happen with these things, it never turned into an actual show, but I had a good time testing my speed and making sports interesting for myself.

Then there were the berries. A friend’s brother’s colleague with the last name “Berry” wanted cartoonified portraits of his entire family as distinct berries of their choosing. Who am I to refuse the Berries their berries? When you need the money, no berry is too obscure! Thank you, friend’s brother’s colleague’s family, for your generous patronage. I hope somewhere you are pleased with your berrysonas.