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If you’re going to message me on some weak ass bullshit. DONT! Because I’ll treat the fuck out of your ass! 😊 I’m a very nice person, but don’t come in my messages being disrespectful to me, especially when you don’t even know me. A person messages me calling me a fucking moron because of that Baby Esther post I put up… Well FYI. I took that post from another social media app and decided to share it. The woman in that picture was said to be a White Russian model or whoever the fuck she was. Look, that wasn’t even the point & people or missing it. Betty Boop was a cartoon character based off of a real African American woman entertainer who went by the name of Baby Esther. She got famous because of a hit song she used to sing called, “Boop Oop A Doop.” Just because someone who WASNT BLACK in that picture doesn’t mean the facts are false! Russian model or not, Betty Boop has always been portrayed as white because of society at the time. Baby Esther was a singer of the 1920’s… She would’ve never gotten credit either way because of her ethnicity. African Americans/ black people have never gotten credit in history. Period.

“herkesin ve benim nefesimi kesen bir şarkı fısıldadı”

Frank O'hara -  “the day lady died”

Görsel :  Billie Holiday, Harlem, 1956