harlem royalty

Dear Harlem Pt4

We meet again beyond the love the love and the sacrifice that we both cherish never a love hate more like we see each other out and wonder will we ever date I partake in the matrimony who loves to share readiness in her eyes no time for being phony but I hate to leave you lonely sometimes I wish call my phone begging me to hold you but they say love isn’t blind but I can’t feel my face when I’m with you see I’m ready to say I do you taking away my sneeze like the lord bless you feel it thru my bones as I rome the city they call Harlem world will I find my girl will she make me her’s in my eyes she’s an angel but I gotta peep shorty from a different angle dear Harlem I hope you don’t leave me alone cause I’m lost in your home trying to fong you way back home….

Dear Lennox Avenue

It’s been a while since I seen your smile your look and taste of fresh air and love the moment we locked eyes upon each other I’ve missed you diversity and snaps backs and fitted hats how we rock timbs in the fall all thru the winter you make me smile I’ve lost no love for you where you been I call you Harlem royalty because you bring me so much loyalty it’s between you and me I’ve waiting on you to free up your time and love enough for me it’s bout time we reunite from the Bronx down to Harlem its love at first sight