Throwback.  Rare Images of the American Negro Ballet.

The American Negro Ballet Company formed in 1934 under the direction of Eugene Von Grona.  Von Grona, an immigrant from Germany wanted to blend traditional ballet with the cultural and musical traditions of Harlem.

Sadly, the American Negro Ballet Company was short-lived, barely lasting a year after a poorly reviewed debut performance in 1937.  The company did, however, inspire other choreographers.  Years later, the First Negro Classic Ballet premiered in Los Angeles, and the New York Negro Ballet opened in 1954 and toured internationally.


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Black excellence from Harlem ‘70

Since ‘20 Harlem has been known as a major African-American residential, cultural and business center. Harlem has great Black cultural heritage and has been recognized as a trendsetter.
America can’t eliminate African-Americans from its history even though wants it’s badly.



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(via Beautiful Vintage Inspired New York Brownstone of Nina Persson)

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