Thought I’d check out “Batman & Harley Quinn” since it was on Amazon Prime.

Holy shit its so fucking garbage. Its like a constant lonely DC nerd bukkake. Just every which way you turn they sexualize everyone, especially Harley (obviously).

What is the fascination with making Harley this crazed sex object? Shes a psychotic thrill seeker who is dependent on the worlds biggest maniac serial killer and were supposed to look at this obviously unhinged or recovering unhinged person and go “Aw yeah I definitely wanna fuck that”.

I could literally write a fucking paper on how much I hated just the first 30 minutes of this movie.

This basically confirms that: Warner Bros gave Gotham City Sirens to David Ayer and pitched a harley/joker movie, but Margot said no to both of them and started developing her own Birds of Prey movie instead.

like i work alone sometimes, and i’ll put up with ANYTHING. like i’ll go fight some GARBAGE villain, you know, i don’t wanna name an actual villain so let’s just make one up, let’s call it “The Joker”.
so i’ll go fight him, and i show up near the poisoned water supply network. and i go “can you stop poisoning the water supply now please?” , and he goes “NO, and it’s loaded with laugh gas. tah!”
and i go “ooookayyyyyyyy” and then i go to the batcave, and then i come back from the batcave and i go “any updates?”
and he goes “yeah! i brainwashed and abused my assigned psychiatrist, and made a brand new villain for you to deal with! because i HATE YOU. now take this fake lead that will get you nowhere, go, fetch!.”
and i go “oookayyyyy” and then i go to the GCPD and i go “can i get some proper police work done here by anyone besides Gordon?” and they go “NOOOOOOOO!” and i go “ooookayyyyyy” and they go “you’re a little bat freak, aren’t you?” and i go “nooooooo” and they go “say it!” and i go “i’m a little bat freak.”
and then i go over to the Arkham Asylum help desk, which is an oxymoron, and i go “can you lock him up for a little more than five minutes so that i could go home to my family please?”
and they go “no! in fact, he just escaped again and murdered your son and maimed your niece! and you’re gonna feel guilty about it for THIRTY YEARS!”
and i go “why are you doing this to me?”
and then they go “because we’re gotham city and life is a fucking nightmare!”
but with my kids they would just be like “let’s go see if the riddler has done anything lately” … it’s better