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Warnings - Smut

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“What movie should we watch?” Harley said as you entered the room with a bowl full of popcorn, you sat next to her and she scooted over, you put your head on her shoulder and looked at the screen as she browsed through Netflix. “I don’t know. How about neighbors?” You said, popping a piece of popcorn in to your mouth and see Harley smile. “Sure.” She said, putting the movie and resting her head on yours.

“Puddin’.” Harley said, kissing your neck, making you close your eyes in desire. “Hm?” You hummed and smiled. “I love you.” She said, standing up and sitting back down, kissing you, aggressively. “Pumpkin.” You said, pulling her close and she smiled. She lied you down on the couch and started to kiss you, her hands roaming your body and making you feel loved. She stopped and unbuttoned your blouse, she looked at your breasts and started massaging them. You moaned in pleasure, making her laugh. She took off her shirt and kissed you again, her hand went to your clit, making you moan in surprise. “Do you like that puddin’?” She said smiling and unbuttoning your pants. You could feel her cold hand, and you stopped kissing her.

“What did I do something?” Harley said, looking at you. “Well, I think that we should watch the movie.” You say nervously and turn your head towards the T.V.  “But puddin’.” Harley pouted and looked at you. “Now I’m turned on, you’ve been doing this since forever, we can never get to the good part. Is there something wrong? Am I not enough for you?” She said, you smiled and cupped her cheek. “No, there is nothing wrong, you’re perfect for me.” You said, kissing her forehead and grabbing her hand. “Then why have I never fingered you or eaten you?” She said and you know it was time to tell her the truth, it was going to come but you didn’t think that this soon.

“Well, there is something.” You said looking to the floor. She looked at you curiously and waited for you to answer. “What?” She said a little annoyed and desperate. “I’m a virgin.” You said and she looked at you, she smirked and went closer to you. “So, you have never gotten a sexual experience?” Harley asked intrigued. You looked at her and rolled your eyes. “No.” You said and watched the movie. She went closer to you. “Awesome! Your first sexual experience is going to be with me! Just let me lead you.” She said, kissing you and grabbing your waist, you pulled her closer.          She bent down and took off your pants and panties, making you look at her curiously, she smirked with lust before bending down and started to lick you. You felt unknown pleasure go down your spine and you moaned, she giggled and you could feel her vibrations go through you, making you arc your back and moaning in pleasure, you could feel her cold fingers starting to touch you, making you shiver but you continued to moan. She shoved one finger inside of you while sucking and taking her time pleasuring you. “Wow, it is true that virgins are tight as fuck.” She said giggling and started to push her finger in and out, making you have a little discomfort but being replaced by pleasure. She shoved her tongue inside of you making you moan even louder and she stopped, she started to suck and make you feel better, you started to grind your hips against her, she stopped and started  hugging you, taking her finger out of you and sucking on it, cleaning it and kissed you, you could taste yourself on her lips. “Why didn’t you do that before?” You said and she smiled, looking at you. “Because you didn’t tell me silly.” She said and started to yawn. You got on top of her and started to kiss her, only to be stopped by her hands. “Tomorrow you can pay me back, let’s go to sleep.” She said and hugged you. Making you both fall in to a peaceful slumber.


I want a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy movie titled “Gal Pals” with them dealing with whatever threat that turns out to be a hilarious misunderstanding and Ivy tells Harley that she needs to get home and check on her babies, Harley assumes that she means her plants and gives her a loving kiss on the cheek farewell and midway through the end credits Ivy arrives at her lab and kisses a large rosebud which opens to reveal a baby, Ivy picks up the child and the camera zooms out revealing two others and hinting at a Poison Ivy movie

alternate ending for Suicide Squad:

everyone is back in their cells, same as the actual ending. Harley is enjoying her cappuccino when Belle Reve starts to tremble. the entire prison, shaking down to its very foundation.

and then the plants start to come. at first it’s just weeds shooting through the crack, but then come the vines creeping through the gaps in the windows, the tree roots tearing through the floor.

alarms are going off, lights are flickering, guards are rushing around in confusion. Harley watches wide-eyed as winding tendrils of exotic flowers start to grow up the bars of her cage.

we see the corridors of Belle Reve full of tiny, rapidly-growing jungles, a green fog hanging thick in the air. here and there are guards, ensnared by vines and dangling from the ceiling by a leg or their neck. the basement is flooding fast as prison is reclaimed by the swamp.

Harley’s bouncing with excitement now, clapping her hands as her cage is torn a apart by a rapidly growing cypress and water starts to seep in. as the metal falls to the floor, a figure appears in the doorway. she’s dressed all in shimmering green, her red hair long and wild, her dark skin shiny from exertion. 

“Red!” Harley squeals, and runs for her, splashing across the room in her fluffy pink slippers. she crashed into Pamela for a hug, standing on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around her girlfriend and snuggling her face into the crook of Pam’s neck.

“hey, you,” Pamela whispers in her ear. she’s trying to be cool, every bit the supervillainess, but it’s hard to hide her smile.

“you came,” Harley says. she’s wide-eyed now, staring up at Pamela like she can never look at her enough. Harley breaks into a wide smile and bats her eyes, looking almost shy. “does this mean ya really do like me?”

Pamela doesn’t answer right away; she brushes one of Harley’s pigtails back, letting her hands linger, and presses a gentle kiss into Harley’s forehead.

“I missed you,” she says simply. “and I couldn’t just leave you here for the clown.”

Harley can only smile, at a loss for words. she claps her hands over her mouth, trying to hold back the tears that are coming.

Pamela pulls her hands away, meshing their fingers together. “you wanna go home?”

Harley nods, pigtails bouncing. “yes, please!”

they walk out of Belle Reve, holding hands, and go back to Gotham City, where they happily spend the rest of their lives giving Bruce a headache. the Joker is definitely dead.