punches you softly with my wise words


a seer basically has a really deep understanding of their aspect! they don’t do actions against it much, they are a passive class, so they would kind of be the kind of people to like inform their team about what they’ve ‘seen’ and be like 'do something about this!’. they occasionaly act upon their sights, like terezi stabbing vriska literally in the back, but usually they don’t seem to.

time is one of the necessary aspects to play a game of sburb, one of the  fabrics of space one might see. this is a very literal aspect, cause time is literally time. the flow of seconds. tick tock. time players also tend to be patient or need to have (gain) patience.

so, a seer of time would be someone who has a deep understanding of time! they would probably be able to predict the future, even better than terezi who can figure out how people think and what they will do and predict actions, because you can figure out what will be happening with time itself, if that makes sense! you will probably also be able to timehop, because most other time players have been shown to do this. 

so basically, a seer of time can predict things that will happen to do with time, things to do with (probably doomed included) timelines, and stuff that like awaits for them! :)