New stuff I’ve been reading


This was my most anticipated release for 2016. And I read it immediately after I bought it and never stopped reading it once even to refill my coffee. The best comics were the ones by Corbera, Westvind, and Antoine Cosse. Specifically Cosse’s comic surprised me with it’s exhilarating blaze-of-glory self annihilation analogized to a squashed bug on a windshield, which is an inverted take on a life a meaningless type of story that’s both funny and poetic.

Vol. 9 was more fun to read than Vol. 8, but I would have liked another trolling essay by Kill Rock Start comp artist and renowned trumpet player, Ian Svenonius. If he was unavailable maybe they could have got somebody from Witchypoo.

edit: photo from Gabriel Corbera’s story “All Our Fuckin’ Dead”

Greetings Friends!

Applications for the 5th annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) will open to the public November 2nd! We are also pleased to announce that CAKE 2016 will take place at the Center on Halsted in Chicago, IL on June 11th and 12th.

Confirmed Special Guests for 2016 include Tyrell Cannon, Ezra Clayton Daniels, Cathy G. Johnson, Sammy Harkham, Patrick Kyle, and Laura Park. More announcements of Special Guests will be coming soon.

To celebrate the launch of the 2016 exhibitor application, we will be announcing the winner and runners-up for the 2016 Cupcake Award! Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement on November 2.

The application will close to the public November 30th. We hope to see you at CAKE 2016!


The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo Organizers