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Kopa was nervous, he didn't know how he ended up in this situation but he had a bow on his head and was being delivered like present. He saw the tag and said 'to Harkey from the Joker' he sighed as he waited. (Hope this is okay^^)

There was a knock on her door and she groaned. It could only be one of two things. Either J, or a present from J apologizing with out ever saying the words im sorry.

Oh yes, he’d fucked up again and driven her off. (lets be real for a bout a week tops)

She opened the door with the attention of yelling, but when her eyes landed on the lion cup the only thing that came out of her mouth was a shrill and excited legitimate scream.

“OH MY GOD IS HE FA ME!?!?!” Instantly she was petting his little head and smoothing his cheeks out with her thumbs.

Harley scooped him up, tossed the guy a 5$ tip and closed the door on him.

Its ok he was just one of J’s flunkies.

Harley took the little lion and set him on the floor so she could look at him.

“Hi there little guy!!” She was so excited.

I just want a Batman Joker Harley movie with lots of jokes and Batman feeling left out and Joker killing for fun and Harley clapping and cheering while he does it and sexual tension between Batman and Joker and the Joker pinning Harley against a wall in an alleyway at night and having his way with her and Harley marking people uncomfortable with how evil she can be.

“People couldn’t possibly want to play Injustice if Harley’s crotch and boobs aren’t hanging out, we must give her an awful, hideous, Mortal Kombat-like costume.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH USING HARLEY’S CLASSIC COSTUME?!


I shouldn’t have included that bit about her classic costume…just to be clear, this isn’t a complaint that she isn’t wearing the exact same costume from Batman the Animated Series. This is more so a complaint about every female character in fighting games having her boobs and crotch hanging out. I’m probably the minority here, but it drives me crazy. I’m not trying to body shame and I realize that showing some skin doesn’t automatically equal “too sexy.” I believe her classic costume, even as it fully covers her, is sexy, even more so than one that shows a lot of skin. I mean, it’s a skin tight catsuit! But I personally think this new one is an ugly costume despite any other factor. AND, even if they are trying to make Harley her own character, not reliant on the Joker, thus minimilizing her clown makeup, her costume should still be harlequin inspired and I just barely see that here. I understand the classic costume doesn’t exactly fit into the more realistic world they are trying to create, but I don’t think this costume is the more realistic answer. Other commenters (not all shown in this specific feed) explained it with better articulation. I’m not great with words. But I do have more to add to touch on some of the other comments on my “bitching.”

I’m not a complete dumb dumb, I do realize that the creaters of Injustice are the same creators of Mortal Kombat…so why wouldn’t her costume be MK-like? Maybe I should have seen it coming, but I guess I hoped for better. In Game Informer’s interview with Ed Boon, he actually said “the real message is that this is brand new, that this game has its own identity and we don’t feel like we have to follow any kind of previous template of Mortal Kombat.” So doesn’t this seem like the perfect opportunity to depart from the outrageous female costumes of MK?

I am thankful that it is at least not quite as bad as most of the MK character’s costumes. However, just because we’ve seen more scantily clad women in previous fighting games, does not mean that makes me happy to see it again.

Also, the New 52/Suicide Squad just isn’t really a valid argument here. While the creators want to stay aware of the comic book fans, they “aren’t following the timeline of the New 52 or any other timelines for the DC characters. The character designs are ours…” And even if inspiration for her Injustice costume was drawn from her New 52 costume, there has been much criticism on the over sexualization of Harley (and other female characters) in the New 52, so can you really be surprised that this one is scrutinized as well?

But I should quit my bitching because I’m just a crazy feminist who is stuck in the past and hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about…and at least she doesn’t look like Mileena, right? :P


I am a relatively new cosplayer. I started my cosplay life in August of 2013 because of my amazing best friend finally pushing me to take the last step. Since then I have fallen into cosplay completely. I try to make new and better costume each year, learn new techniques and do some awesome shoots so I can share what I’ve learned and created with all my fans.

It has been suggested to me to open a GoFund me account to help pay for some of my more adventurous costumes I want to make. This year I want to attempt 3 different Harley Quinns, some League of Legends characters and many more of my favourites but since my surgery in November I have been burning through my savings on rent, groceries and life.

It’s important to always be making new costumes and learning new techniques in order to stay in the cosplay game and get better but I’ve found myself at a point where I just can’t do that. If you would like to see more and better costumes from me please support me. Anyone who donates to be (Not Anon.) will receive a thank you package with prints of the costumes they have helped create!

This is going to be a fun year guys, help make it a cosplay filled one.

Link: www.GoFundMe.com/MandaCowled 💕