I felt these pictures went very well with my friend’s tags in a post she just reblogged from me:

#HEE #it really is hilarious #she and albert were just fuckin’ all the time and then she’d get pregnant again and then she’d be like UGHHHHHHH FUCK IT ALL #IF ONLY I COULD CONTROL MY BODY AROUND MY STUPID SEXY HUSBAND #like omg her boner for albert is so delightful #it’s actually legendary. #history is cool shut up #tres quotable #:D


beatonna‘s new special edition book is looking pretty swell.

Apparently Germany has never heard of the Festa Della Sensa.

(Late april thou art a fool! haha decided to mashup two of my favorite absurdly historical comics, Hetalia and Hark! A Vagrant! It’s super fun as well as surprisingly difficult working in this style, but I think I ‘ve learned quite a bit I guess about simplifying forms from trying a new thing as well! Just to be on the safe side I am NOT affiliated with either Himaruya or Kate Beaton and this was purely for laughs and practice. Hope you enjoy!) aestuat