In keeping with our Thermidor Robespierre theme, this is still the best Kate Beaton French Revolution comic, despite the fact that it’s an old one.  And I don’t even think she has it archived on her website, because I can never find it there!  Thank God I saved this copy a long time ago…

If you don’t know Kate Beaton, wtf is wrong with you.  No, kidding but not kidding.  Check out her stuff today, right now, this minute!  (I actually saw Kate Beaton give a little talk at my university a few years back, and yes, she is just like her comics IRL.  Funny, but also insightful about the comics business.  She deserves every good thing that’s come her way since then!)


I felt these pictures went very well with my friend’s tags in a post she just reblogged from me:

#HEE #it really is hilarious #she and albert were just fuckin’ all the time and then she’d get pregnant again and then she’d be like UGHHHHHHH FUCK IT ALL #IF ONLY I COULD CONTROL MY BODY AROUND MY STUPID SEXY HUSBAND #like omg her boner for albert is so delightful #it’s actually legendary. #history is cool shut up #tres quotable #:D


beatonna‘s new special edition book is looking pretty swell.

Apparently Germany has never heard of the Festa Della Sensa.

(Late april thou art a fool! haha decided to mashup two of my favorite absurdly historical comics, Hetalia and Hark! A Vagrant! It’s super fun as well as surprisingly difficult working in this style, but I think I ‘ve learned quite a bit I guess about simplifying forms from trying a new thing as well! Just to be on the safe side I am NOT affiliated with either Himaruya or Kate Beaton and this was purely for laughs and practice. Hope you enjoy!) aestuat