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I would've liked an episode of TW (or DW) when the Face of Boe falls throught the rift and has to stay with Torchwood until the Doctor comes to take him to the right time. Boe shamelessly flirting with Ianto (with really familiar innuendoes) and tells him beautiful things about the future. Jack doesn't really like Boe (he doesn't want to admit he's a little bit jealous of him stealing Ianto's attention), but he doesn't say anything because of the sad look of Boe's face when he looks at Ianto.

……why do y’all gotta break my heart like this constantly?

I think the worst part is Ianto would probably figure out who the Face of Boe really is by talking to him for so long and he couldn’t/wouldn’t have the heart to tell Jack

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I mean what if Jack ever actually admitted to himself and Ianto how much he needed him? Cause Ianto went from "Jack needs me" to "I'm just a blip in time" while Jack went from "There's no one" to "I don't know what I'm gonna to do without you"

is this supposed to be ‘ever’ or a ‘never’ but either way

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Ianto is so insecure about their relationship???? He wanted to prove Owen wrong - repeatedly and at different stages of his and Jack’s realtionship and then the last thing Ianto thinks when he dies is how Jack tells him to not love him and thinking that he really is just a blip in time, doubting that Jack will even remember him

and then there’s Jack going from just wanting to get into Ianto’s pants, to wanting to kill him, to showing silent support, to finally getting in Ianto’s pants, only to deny his very existence and yet kissing him with so much love in front of the team - right before he disappears again! And then he’s back, he wants to date Ianto, almost confesses his love, trusts him, seeks out his knowledge and presense.

The only time Jack confesses his love to Ianto he is under the influence of the virus and afterwards he wants to talk to Ianto about it but Ianto cuts him off and says something like he knew that it was the virus talking (i think, it’s been a while since i listened to outbreak), again doubting how much Jack really cares about him.

And then there’s House of the Dead and I’m not even gonna go there, because Jack knows Ianto is dead and that he has missed his chance but he takes the only chance he has to tell Ianto that he loves him, even though he knows it’s not really Ianto.

jack realized too late how much he needs Ianto, how much he loves him. Jack fucked up, and he knows it and he regrets it, but it’s too fucking late and this is why this all hurts so much, good bye.

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Mum: but Jack and Ianto aren't really a couple, it's only because Jack is just bored. It's not like there are any gay characters in Doctor Who appart from Bill and Vastra. Me:...........dafuq? (actual conversation between me and my mum after we rewatched all of Torchwood together)

someone: Captain Jack Harkness is straight

the actual cosmos itself: sincerely what the ever living fuck

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i'll go with the obvious here: janto for the ship ask meme? :3


(thank you for sending Janto <3)

  1. Who cries when someone dies in a movie: Probably depends on the movie, but I would say usually it’s Jack, especially when watching older classics (Ianto totally cried in Star Wars Episode VII when Han died)
  2. who wears the ugly holiday garb: Jack starts it and makes Ianto (and the rest of team) wear it too. Ianto tries to fight it but he secretly loves it and christmas just got a whole lot better. (they do a team photo where they all wear the ugliest christmas sweaters)
  3. who pays for meals: Jack most of the time, but Ianto insists on paying on a regular basis, so that eventually they take turns.
  4. who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: Ianto plays the trombone, Jack the oven door
  5. who leaves the bathroom door open: Jack (it’s an invitation for Ianto to join him in the shower, duh)
  6. whoe tells the dad jokes: Jack, obviously (but don’t think Ianto won’t beat him at his own game eventually)
  7. who wants kids more: tricky question. I don’t think that in this relationship either of them wants kids and I’m gonna leave it at this for now
  8. who travels more: obviously Jack
  9. who spends more cash: Jack is very impulsive
  10. who buys the things from in informercials: hmmm. Don’t think Jack would really go that far, after all he’s from the future and know about much more advanced stuff, on the other hand, if he does find something that he really like …. and Ianto doesnt even watch these informercials
  11. who draws in the dust of their cars: Neither, Ianto keeps them so clean that there is no dust to draw in
  12. who starts the snowball fights: Jack started the first one, but Ianto gets his revenge a few days later when Jack is unsuspecting. (and each time they make out afterwards in the snow)
  13. who throws away the directions to things: Jack does, it drives Ianto insane and he has to go through the trash to fish them out again
  14. who puts up holiday decor: both together at ianto’s flat like the domestic couple that they are and you can fight me on this. (c’mon they watch tv on sunday mornings so they can as well put up some decor together)
  15. who is more likely to forget to bathe: depending on how much of a crisis the current alien invasion is, both.
  16. who gets more obesessed about things: Ianto, ranging from anything to do with current cases to Star Wars and James Bond
  17. who sings in the shower more: Jack, and Ianto loves it (and Jack knows that, so sometimes he sings Ianto’s favourite songs or really cheesy ones when he knows that Ianto is listening)

(wow now i have some new ideas for Janto oneshots. why am I like this)

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"#he doesnt go up and full on snog ianto without his consent even if he wants to and even though ianto flirted with him before that" ok yes tho! one of the things that makes Jack so interesting is that, even though he isn't shy about sex and he acts like a deviant, he very rarely (if ever) makes the first move. He makes it clear that he is interested and flirts but he always waits for the other person to chose whether or not they want to pursue it. Jack is all about consent and I love that QAQ


And can I just add this:

Jack often has that reputation that he’ll sleep with anyone and anything that catches his eyes and just generally “sleeps around a lot”, but can we talk about how in the first three seasons of Torchwood he’s only seen having sex once on screen (Adrift) and whenever it’s hinted that he he’ll have sex it’s with the same person: Ianto?!

And how, in fact, Tosh - sweet, innocent Tosh - is the person who has the most on screen sex with the most different people (Adam, Tommy and Mary)?

yes i have thought about this a lot before

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I think the one downside to calling Jack pansexual is that it would not exactly be out of character for him to hear that and just go off and fuck a frying pan. (Then again it's an upside if you're kitchenware *shrugs*).

lmao he wouldn’t actually fuck a frying pan, but I think people like Owen wouldn’t necessarily realise that since they would be less familiar with the sexuality terms

Jack: I’m pansexual

Owen: so you’re… attracted to kitchenware?

Jack: oh yeah, big time, you should have seen the fun I had with that frying pan in the kitchen downstairs *walks away, chuckling*

Owen: *stares after him, with a dawning sense of horror bc he used the pan only last night*

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….first of all I want you to know that I had to pause for like five minutes after reading “James Bond underwear” so I could compose myself. Second of all this would be crack in any other fandom but in torchwood it’s probably canon and I love it, I love that my son got his Bond nerdiness from his mum

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Hey hey hey don't think about how Adam said "You always remember what you killed, don't you, Jack?" and how Jack fully believed that he'd be responsible for Ianto's death and eventually blamed himself for it or how Jack said with absolute certainty that he would never forget Ianto. Don't think about how Jack was so certain that he wouldn't forget Ianto because he always remembers what he's killed. SEE YA!

Oh, heyy!!! Nice! Thanks. Thanks a lot. :)))

Thanks to you I won’t think about how it doesn’t even matter that Jack will never remember Adam saying that because this was just Adam stating a fact that Jack knew was true.

Thanks to you I won’t think about Ianto’s death again or how it completely broke Jack and made him leave the planet alltogether for several years (or decades even) because nothing was keeping him there and he couldn’t even bear to be on the same planet where Ianto died because that’s too painful for him. I won’t think about Jack trying to stay on Earth for six months only to get Ianto back and see him die again.

Thanks to you I won’t think about how Jack remembers every single death caused by him even centuries and millenia later and how he will always remember their tragic end but not the many good times during their lives.

Thanks to you I won’t think about how Jack will at least always remember Ianto. Thanks to you I won’t fail miserably in taking comfort in that because remembering Ianto only causes Jack pain and Jack thinks that he deserves every bit of that pain and guilt he feels.

Have a good day y’all, I’m gonna go back to bed and cry.

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I feel this is like the standard gif to react to pretty much everything you post can you, like, stop

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A Janto "drinking" prompt for the three sentences thing maybe? :3

Hello there! Sure thing! :) I hope you like it.

For the “ this looks fun “ three-sentence fic:

He hadn’t meant to drink that much or be drunk, or to publicly and shamelessly dance with – no, against – Jack, and he certainly had not meant to kiss Jack right outside the place. He was drunk, he’d had a bad, long day and he probably would have kept going, had he not been injured and had Jack let him. Instead, Jack almost carried him home and simply took care of him, and Ianto thought that he liked it, being taken care of, for once.