Hong Taiji/Harjol. I ship these two.

This pairing in Qing history has an epic love story and no one has been able to portray it in movies or drama series. (Not even that recent Beauty Without Tears drama because they completely butchered history.)

What’s not to love about an emperor who rushed back to the palace in the middle of a war after learning that the love of his life was on her deathbed?

What’s not to love about an emperor who supposedly passed out several times after learning that he had returned too late and that she’d already gone to the heavens. (His health deteriorated after her death and he died two years and three days after.) 

We all ship drama pairings and celebrity pairings, why not couples in history? 

I just wish there were more English resources on these two. Harjol’s Wikipedia page tells nothing. At least I’ve still got some Chinese resources. *U*