haritsuke no seijo

demo koukai nado shite inai wa
aa kore ga watashi no jinsei
von Wettin de mo von Sachsen de mo nai wa watashi wa Elisabeth
tada kimi dake o aishita
tada no Elisabeth

However, I have never regretted anything. This is my life.
I am neither a von Wettin nor a von Sachsen. I am simply Elisabeth.
I loved you, that’s all there is.
I’m merely Elisabeth.

—  Sound Horizon: Takkei no Seijo ( 磔刑の聖女 )
Note: this is my favorite part on this song.

“he cold chains that bind you, who has lost your flame, down 

Is the love and hate of the two people who think of you, who has lost love

The bird takes to the sky
The corpse returns to the earth
We kept betraying God

Dawn breaks, into the final morning
Our next parting, will be forever-


I regret nothing 
Ah, this is my life
I’m not a daughter of noble lineage (von Wettin) or one of the 7 possible marquis’ daughters (von Sachsen) 
I’m just a lone woman
Who simply loves only you…

I’m just Elisabeth…”