hario and louigi

Harry physically was the little spoon when they met and then it just never changed. 

don’t touch me

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:Anne Cox let her sixteen year old son move in with an eighteen year old boy he'd just met a few months prior. They lived in London, on their own, in a ridiculously large flat. She trusted Louis Tomlison, the biggest goofball on this planet, with her sixteen year old child. She trusted this boy to take care of Harry. While in fact, Harry did all the laundry, he did all of the cleaning and most of the cooking. Louis was supposed to look after Harry, but the reality is, Harry was the responsible one. And when asked if he'd rather live with any of the other boys, Harry said he wouldn't without hesitation.
Probably conversations louisandharry have twice a week
  • Harry:louis those pants are way too tight I can literally see the indention a of your curves
  • Louis:that means so much coming from the boy whose penis can't even breathe in his pants
  • Harry:what tattoos should we get next
  • Louis:I don't know getting our names tattooed on to each other is a bit much at least we already have our first words tattooed god when did we become so sappy
  • Harry:louis your tanktops sleeves are way to open I could literally stick my head inside your shirt
  • Louis:well my dear Harold you sir have your boobs basically hanging out of your shirts so don't dare complain
  • Louis:fuck that ha hell yes
  • Harry:you aren't badass louis I can literally pick you up and carry you wherever I want please honey stop youre like a hyperactive puppy