2007 anime fan aesthetic
  • i buy sausage
  • caramelldansen of every fucking anime you can imagine
  • u_u o_O -_- ^_^
  • rping with characters in areas not usually reserved for roleplaying, such as youtube comments or ff.net author’s notes
  • trying to learn hare hare yukai
  • “i’m gonna move to japan and become a manga-ka (which means manga author)!”
  • sitting like L
  • “yagami is imagay backwards! XD”
  • the term “flames”
  • tokyopop, and reading manga without paying for it in a chair at barnes and noble (or borders)
  • anime in three parts and 240p quality on youtube 
  • “You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Please wait 36 minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.”
  • ___plz icons on dA
  • spraying temporary hair color in your hair for cosplay
  • warrior cats/warrior cat inspired usernames
  • “omg have you seen this? (searches ‘charlie the unicorn youtube’ on google)”
  • fanart/fanfics of sakura/misa/orihime/main male dude’s love interest being shrieking and obnoxious and getting her horrible comeuppance for being… idk, a girl, i guess?
  • also this

90 minutes in the company of a snoozing hare

I’m well used to wildlife crossing my path or hurling itself at my face (quite literally in the case of a sparrowhawk), but when that happens it’s rare that I find myself in the position where I have nowhere else to be or have nothing else I need to do that day. I know it must seem from all my blog posts that I have oodles of free time to devote to sitting still and watching wildlife go about its business, but I really don’t!

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Down the rabbit hole


Oh how Sinbad loved life in wonderland. To everyone here, he was known as Hatter. He was a strange one, but he did so love his life. It was just a pity that parts of wonderland were so dark and sad. Sinbad was a follower of the white queen. She was lovely and cared for everyone. It was there that Sinbad had found his home in this place. He was currently in the forest with the March Hare and Mally. They were out for a walk, to pick some flowers. A strange pass time, but fun none the less.