harijuku girl

anyways, as much as i will always love riley matthews, people have to realize that she isnt being a good friend and hasn’t been in the recent episodes. but before i go on, remember that this doesn’t mean ultimately because she has done amazing things for maya. she lets her sleep over, she has breakfast with her, she has been the positivity maya’s needed for years where maya has felt alone and scared; for maya, riley has been the grip on childhood and innocence she needed & was scared of losing. riley “stepped back” for maya the second she realized she had feelings for lucas; she silenced herself to let her friend be happy. but when people say that riley isn’t being a good friend - it goes past the triangle. riley knows maya’s home situation - she knows that her mom works to the point where she may not be home, she knows that her father left her, that she has abandonment issues, and that she finds herself completely and utterly hopeless at the age of 14. riley has known maya and maya’s life and maya’s fears since they were children; so how is it justifiable that riley can laugh about maya’s horrible life and tell her that she can never be happy? it isn’t and it never will be okay; because even though maya sucks it up, what she says is demeaning, trivializing, and rude. it can’t be excused with naïveté because what she is saying hurts maya & lets maya believe that those negative thoughts and “jokes” are true; that her home and her life are just meant for comedic relief. riley matthews, who in episode one wanted to help maya with homework and learned that she doesn’t have anyone to help her, is the same person who, in season 3, felt jealously and confusion as to how maya could ever be doing well in school. riley matthews, who can also be known as morotia, jexica, harijuku girl, and told maya that she wanted to be “just like her”, is the same girl that told maya that because she dresses nicely, gets good grades, and likes someone who will treat her well, that she has completely lost herself. as much as you want to play the naive card, that’s exactly what will destroy their relationship if riley doesn’t find redemption for the way she’s treated maya. because in the end, no matter how many desks she dances on or printers she steals, she has always undoubtedly been there for riley even when no one else has; she has always believed in riley & riley should learn to do the same.