Hariana parallels  ➯ Supporting lgbt+ rights 

+ bringing the gay pride flag onstage and waving it PROUDLY

“You’re not a gay person; you’re a person. And you just happen to love someone with the same parts as you.” - Ariana Grande

“Jump around and wave any flag you have here. I want you to do whatever makes you happiest in the world.” - Harry Styles

“Make some noise if you’re proud to be who you are. Make some noise if you’re proud of who you love. Make some noise if you think the Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage should get their heads out of their fucking asses and join the goddamn celebration. Make some noise if you’ve got one less problem without them motherfuckers.“ - Ariana Grande

“Here at One Direction, we like to celebrate love. In all forms; love is love. We believe that love is something that should be celebrated with open arms.” - Harry Styles