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'Manon & Hari-san' ;w;

(yes i wasn’t done with all prompts yet…) (this is still open btw, these things are always still open, i’m always a slut for rambling out my Very Interesting Opinions™ please indulge me……………..)


  1. Adorable relationship, constant communication/real conversations, and they’re funny! Even the protection/caretaker dynamic is interestingly done, it’s mutual in different ways – Hari-san is more powerful, but smaller, so sometimes he*(see below) will be catching her or blocking attacks, but other times Manon is carrying and shielding him with her body, etc.
  2. And yet very different personalities, they make a visibly obvious duo, but it’s not just copy-paste / a-girl-and-her-pet. Even their designs, Manon’s is obviously reminiscent of Harimaron but not in a lazy easy way – in particular, her palette does NOT actually match Harimaron’s (I’m especially fond of her red hair and of the fact that it comes totally out of nowhere). Hari-san has initiative, almost even more personality than Manon, definitely even more sass and aggressivity, and despite being in sync a lot they don’t always agree on things.
  3. ^ which really comes out with things like Hari-san being SHOCKED AND OFFENDED and clearly ready to FITE ALAN that one time in Act IV and that was delightful, even though iirc that directly leads to one of the most heartbreaking “Non, non!” of the series…


  1. *actually we don’t even know if hari-san is a male and while we don’t HAVE to know, i got used to Best Wishes!’s constant stating all the mons’ genders instead of just “assume male unless we specifically say it’s a female (and give her a dress/bow/makeup skills)”, awright. SO it’s an annoying point that we don’t know Hari-san’s gender/that we’re likely supposed to assume it’s male. (I was expecting the localizations to translate the nickname directly as “Sir/Mr. something”/”Monsieur Marron”, which would have been adorable, but I’m quite pleased that they didn’t and kept the ambiguity!)
  2. w-what about her other pokémon????????? where fla-chan????? yes losing her partner is and should be emotionally distressing of course but why is it completely incapacitating her in moments like during the Flare attack on Miare?? including to go save him??
  3. she wants to mega-evolve and hari-san can’t mega-evolve ;_;

Manon: Hey, Alan, let’s dance too!
Alan: Eh… No, I…
Manon: C’mon, hurry up, hurry up!
Hari-san: Rimarima!
Platane: Having fun is a victory, too. Do your best, Alan.
Alan: Professor…
Manon: Come on, come on, Alan too!
Hari-san: Harihari!

Eureka: Hey, hey, Professor, let’s dance too.

Muram tak tampak

Kata Are, cintaku ini menye-menye San. Sendu tak jelas, muram tak tampak, bahagia yang samar-samar. Katanya aku dan kamu ini hanyalah serupa lagu lama yang tak cukup mampu menerima kenyataan bahwa sekarang serba modern, termasuk perasaan.

Aku tertawa mendengarnya San. Lihat saja, sahabatmu itu mengujiku dengan telak. Ia menjualku kepada teman-teman lelakinya. Dia pikir aku ini tidak cukup cantik untuk mencari jodohku sendiri. Namun bagaimana lagi, kamu sungguh menyayanginya, aku tak sanggup jahat padanya. Namun bukan berarti aku sanggup mencintainya seperti pesanmu.

San, dipikir-pikir lagi. Are itu mirip sekali denganmu. Aku yang sakit, dia yang berisik. Aku yang bahagia, dia juga yang berisik. Bedanya, dia hanya mirip denganmu. Bukan berarti sama. Bahkan jikapun wajah kalian sama, ia tetap bukan kamu San. Dia juga bukan tipeku. Mana mau aku dengannya? Dia merokok (meski tidak di depanku). Dia benci buku (meski dia mau menemaniku berjam-jam di perpustakaan). Dia benci hujan (meski dia selalu rela memelukku saat hujan tiba).

San, aku mencintaimu.

San, aku merindukanmu.

Jadi bagaimana aku harus mencintainya yang begitu gigih mencintaiku untukmu? Katakan San.

Apakah menurutmu cinta hanya perihal kebiasaan? tidak sesederhana itu. Seberapa lama apapun aku menikmati hariku bersama Are, dan telah terbiasa dengannya, tidak lantas membuatku mencintainya. Sebab cinta itu tumbuhnya sulit dijelaskan.

San, hari ini akhirnya Are menyerah setelah mengatakan bahwa dia dan aku ini seperti musik modern yang diputar di masa lampau.

Jadi maaf, hingga dihari ke-2000mu aku tak sanggup menepati janjiku. Biarkan aku menikmatiku cintaku padamu beserta kenangan kita ini sementara waktu.

By: Syarifah Aini (2017)

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I feel bad for Prof Sycamore because everyone he loves in every series ends up betraying him and being a villain, first it was Lysander in the games and then in the anime it was Alain, he just cant win, everyone ends up being evil



Alain is a victim of emotional abuse at Lysandre’s hands. Lysandre has manipulated him since the moment they met - his behaviour is markedly different before and after meeting Lysandre.

He’s depressed to the point that he’s forgotten what being happy and excited feels like. Even winning the semi-finals doesn’t make him happy.

His intentions in helping Lysandre were good and pure from the outset, something Lysandre mocks him for - while Alain is in the middle of a breakdown. And when Alain defies him, Lysandre attempts to kill him for it (and takes way too much joy in deliberately hurting his partner in the process).

All he ever wanted to do was to protect the Professor and help Hari-san. WHICH HE DOES.

You honestly think Alain is a villain? An abused kid who does whatever he can to make up for it? An abused and traumatised kid who still feels so guilty, he’s suicidal? Who’s already faced a whole lot of victim blaming from fandom at large?

What he needs, deserves, and GETS is love and support from his father figure. He’s a heroic kid who’s gone through a hell of a time. And if you see him as a villain and as evil, I really don’t know what show you were watching.

*drops mic* Ry out.

(With huge thanks to @scrawlers for all the fab meta and posts!)


XY042 - XY043 - XY045 - XY046 - XY047 - XY053!

The little skits presenting Mega Evolutions are, as Manon introduces them, mostly about Alan’s previous battles:

In some, she describes the ‘mon a little - in others, such as Yadoran’s, she clearly didn’t witness the fight itself (in that one, she asks Alan about the outcome).

What’s super cute is that, from mini-episode to episode, 1°) Manon becomes less and less clumsy, 2°) Alan turns more reactive towards her and, generally, more “random” in his entrances, 3°) Alan and Manon get in sync to present the Mega of the week /o/

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