hargitay hermanns

okay so mariska gets to be touchy with other men and everyone knows it’s okay and there’s no problem, but let peter do something as simple as take a selfie with a fellow cast member then he must be cheating. but mariska gropes, kisses, and flirts with chris but ‘it’s cute’ and nothing’s wrong with it, and ppl even encourage her to actually cheat on peter, her husband. but peter should be suspected of cheating for simply smiling at another woman.

“sexism against men doesn’t exits”. bullshit

I used to say, ‘I wish I knew her more. I was only three.’ And a friend said, ‘All you have to do is look in the mirror.’ It sounds so weird, but there’s a truth in it. And it gave me peace and understanding that we’re half of our parents. It sort of quelled some of my angst, or unrest, or need. So much of who I am is my parents—all three of them. I am grateful for all three. My son always goes, ‘Mama has two mamas.’ He calls Ellen ‘Grandma.’ He calls Jayne ‘Mama’s mama.’ He’s so sweet. He’ll say, ‘You don’t have your mom and dad, but you have me and Daddy.’ And I say, ‘Yes, I know, that’s all I need.’ 
—  Mariska Hargitay