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“This passion, likewise reigns in the Society of Women; they dies with amorous affections one to another; especially the old women court the young, present them with rich garments, jewels, money, even to their own impoverishment and ruine, and these darts of Cupid are shot through all empire, especially Constantinople, the seraglio of the Grand signor and the apartments of Sultans”.

“The Present State of the Ottoman Empire ” (1670) Sir Paul Rycaut  (1629–1700) was a British diplomat and historian, and authority on the Ottoman Empire.

Marcel Breuer and his ‘Harem’. Marta Erps-Breuer, Katt Both and Ruth Hollos-Consemüller, 1927.

The photo, taken by Consemüller, a student and photographer at the Bauhaus, captures the junior master Marcel Breuer around 1927. The title of the picture refers to the women standing next to him as Breuer’s ‘harem’. The women appear self-confident, with cool gazes and tousled shocks of short hair, and in modern dress. Marcel Breuer is looking at his companions sceptically, with his arms crossed. These are ‘my’ women?!

© Klassik Stiftung Weimar / Bauhaus


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - Bing Lee and his 500 Teenage Prostitutes - Ep: 4   (April 19th 2012)

Bing Lee is currently on his way to the airport to return with an entire harem of women.


favourite sultana meme: 6 relationships ♦ nurbanu and selim ii

If Selim had more than one sexual partner as prince, measures must have been taken to ensure that only Nurbanu would bear children. The fact that she gave birth in rapid succession to four children– three daughters (Sah, Gevherhan and Ismihan), followed by Murad in 1546–and then produced no other sons, suggests that Selim’s goal was to produce his heir by this particular concubine. – Leslie P. Peirce - The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire


favourite sultana meme: 6 relationships ♦ nurbanu and the republic of venice

“Shortly before her death, the valide sultan may have performed her greatest service to her homeland by preventing a possible Ottoman invasion of Crete, a Venetian possession. Upon learning that the admiral Kılıç Ali Pasha planned to propose such an invasion as one of a number of possible plans for the following year, Nurbanu sent word to him that under no circumstances should war be waged against Venice, since that would bring more harm than good to the sultan’s realm. In addition, she warned that in no way was the admiral to raise the possibility with Murad.” – Leslie P. Peirce - The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire

Title: You, Doll, Are Special

@kirahrps​ requested: Hi hi! I see that your requests are open and I’d like to make one :) I have mild cerebral palsy. I can walk but not well. I wonder if you could write a story where Negan genuinely and truly falls for someone with cp? She has more needs than anybody else but she’s also the biggest spitfire and she likes it roooooooouuuuuuggggghhhh (but without devices. That’s too close to torture to me and I can’t). Is this possible? I just feel like so many people desexualize us and would love to see a story that brings the opposite. 

Character(s): Negan and Reader (who has mild cerebral palsy)
Summary: You and Negan finally give in to one another.
Word Count: 3,638
Warning: SMUT! ;-)
Author’s Note: Thank you, @kirahrps for this request! It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I loved every second of it! I sure hope that I did this story justice for you! ALSO, the line “I’ll be your balance” is all credited to you, @kirahrps! Such a good line hehe! Enjoy! :-) 

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magnificent century meme: 5 characters [2/5]
→ Nurbanu Sultan

Shortly before the death of Nurbanu, the mother of the sultan Murad III, the Venetian ambassador to the Ottoman court, Paolo Contarini, had commented that “all good and all bad come from the queen mother.”

When Nurbanu died in December 1583, Contarini’s successor noted:

Some are saddened by this lady’s death and others consoled, each according to his or her own interests, for just as she provided enormous benefits to many as a result of the great authority she enjoyed with her son, so conversely did she deprive others of the hopes of obtaining what they desired. But all universally admit that she was a woman of the utmost goodness, courage, and wisdom.
-Leslie P. Peirce
The Imperial Harem:Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire

Marcel Breuer and his ‘Harem’. Marta Erps-Breuer, Katt Both and Ruth Hollos-Consemüller, 1927.

The photo, taken by Consemüller, a student and photographer at the #Bauhaus, captures the junior master Marcel #Breuer around 1927. The title of the picture refers to the women standing next to him as Breuer’s ‘harem’. The women appear self-confident, with cool gazes and tousled shocks of short hair, and in modern dress. Marcel Breuer is looking at his companions sceptically, with his arms crossed. These are ‘my’ women?! © Klassik Stiftung Weimar / Bauhaus

Conference room three is alight with all manner of merriment. Precisely once a month, Jim gathers his senior officers for various team building exercises which, Spock has concluded, is nothing more than a glorified excuse to party well past the midnight hour. This meeting’s theme is Never Have I Ever, an evidently well-known Terran game meant to chastise the inexperienced and praise the thrill seekers.

Under normal circumstances, Spock chooses not to partake in these liquor fueled escapades if he can help it. Of course, the Captain can be very persuasive. This is exactly how Spock finds himself sitting cross-legged in a circle with his fellow crewmen, a drink in one hand and the other barred to his friends. He regards all five outstretched fingers as a perfect display of his untarnished dignity. Surely managing to navigate his life without having encountered sexual experimentation with a harem of women is something to pride himself on. To his left, he catches McCoy fold his index toward his palm whilst looking quite smug.

Now it is Sulu’s turn. He takes a long pause, carefully considering his options. “Never have I ever made out with a girl for longer than five minutes.”

Jim looks particularly exasperated by this new development. “You’re trying to make me lose on purpose!” He complains, curling his pinky inward. “All of you keep saying things you know I’ve done!”

“It’s not anyone else’s fault you’re a manwhore.” McCoy interjects gleefully. “Perhaps you ought to consider keeping your tongue in your mouth whenever you see a pretty girl instead of your usual route.”

“Perhaps you ought to consider shutting your—“

“Spock, you’re good at this game.” Uhura interrupts.

Suddenly all eyes are on Spock, then everyone simultaneously bows their heads to inspects his hand. Spock simply lifts a manicured brow and maintains a level stare.

“That’s because he’s painfully boring,” McCoy says dismissively as he gets up to pour himself another brandy. “You can’t possibly expect the Hobgoblin to have experienced any of these terribly human faults.”

Apparently, Sulu is not intent on accepting that answer. “Spock, surely you’ve kissed a woman?” He asks cautiously, hopefully. The room goes eerily quiet as the officers wait for an answer with baited breath.

“I have.” Spock says simply, not keen on divulging the details of those private encounters.

Encouraged, Sulu presses on. “Okay, you’re not a virgin to kissing. Have you ever made out with anybody?”

Spock decides that this moment is ideal for finishing his own drink.

“I think we all know the answer to that already,” McCoy comments, dropping back into the available space to Spock’s left. “He’s a bad kisser.”

Their petty bantering is commonplace and all of the ship’s officers are well versed in the intricacies of their heated arguing. But this snide comment, for a reason not yet known to Spock, cannot be let alone. Every so often, Spock gets an uncontrollable urge to put McCoy in his place.

“Would you care to test my skills for yourself?” He says to McCoy, who splutters and chokes on a mouthful of alcohol.

“You’re out of your head. I don’t need to kiss you to know I’m better at it than you are.” There is an obvious red tint beginning to color the doctor’s cheeks.  

“You would do well not to underestimate me,” Spock challenges, twisting in his spot to face McCoy properly. The logical, rational part of his brain is telling him to let this go. He actively ignores it. Before McCoy can protest, Spock grabs him by the front of his tunic and jerks him forward, crushing their mouths together.

McCoy grunts in surprise and drops his glass, spilling its contents onto the carpet. Calloused hands rise to fist in the material of Spock’s shirt, but McCoy makes no real attempts at stopping what he’s started. Spock opens his mouth and licks at the seam of tightly closed lips. Not more than a second later they’re opening, inviting Spock’s tongue in to wrestle with his own. The battle is short lived. Spock sucks the breath right from McCoy’s lungs. He presses forward, strong hands moving down to cradle the small of McCoy’s back while the other plants itself on the floor to steady them both. Spock doesn’t stop until he can catalogue the feeling of McCoy’s teeth against his tongue, the flavor of his mouth, the slide of hands into his hair, and commit it to memory for centuries to come. And when they’ve gone as long as they can they break apart to breathe and start again. Spock crowds into McCoy’s space until McCoy has no choice but to shift onto his back and let Spock follow him down.

A loud cough jars Spock back to reality. He presses one last lingering kiss to McCoy’s lips before returning to his previous sitting position, leaving McCoy to stare dazedly up at the ceiling.

“How long was that?” Spock asks, having lost track of the time himself.

Sulu can’t find it within himself to provide an accurate answer, so Jim takes control of the situation. “A little over seven minutes, I’d say.” He supplies helpfully.

Slowly, deliberately, Spock curls his thumb into his palm and waits for Jim to take his turn.  


favourite sultana meme: 6 relationships ♦ nurbanu and safiye

“Thus it was for the first time in the reign of Murad III, who ascended the throne in 1574, that valide sultan and haseki competed for influence over the sultan and over factions in government.” – Leslie P. Peirce - The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire


favourite sultana meme: 6 relationships ♦ nurbanu and canfeda khatun

“On her deathbed Nurbanu enjoined her son to place control of the harem in Canfeda’s hands, which Murad proceeded to do. Canfeda Khatun was in all likelihood the first official ketkhuda khatun [harem stewardess] of the New Palace harem.” – Leslie P. Peirce - The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire

Dozens of paintings of harems, fat women lolling on divans, turbans on their heads or velvet caps, being fanned with peacock tails, a eunuch in the background standing guard. Studies of sedentary flesh, painted by men who’d never been there. These pictures were supposed to be erotic, and I thought they were, at the time; but now I see what they were really about. They were paintings about suspended animation; about waiting, about objects not in use. They were paintings about boredom.

But maybe boredom is erotic, when women do it, for men.

—  The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood
The Honey House, Chapter 22

Right Hand Men

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Negan had been up since dawn having spent the night somewhere between sleep and consciousness, his mind constantly turning over ideas and refusing to fully switch off. It was noon now although he hadn’t left his room or even wanted to. He sat watching the clock on his wall, waiting for the second hand to tick to twelve before he turned the cap of the bottle, breaking the seal of the lid and deciding it was five o’clock somewhere.

There was a knock at the door, as expected, and he poured the freshly opened gin into two cut glass tumblers before calling, “come in.”

Simon took a seat in his usual spot, his posture relaxed as he sank into one of the deep set armchairs with a satisfied grunt.

Negan pinched the tumblers together in one hand, in the other he carried the bottle before taking a seat opposite from Simon and passing him his drink. Gin, neat. “How did everything go with the Kingdom?”

“Good,” he raised his glass before taking a sip and sinking even further into the chair. “The drop was full but you know what they can be like…”

Negan chuckled bitterly, taking a sip of his own gin. He knew exactly what Ezekiel’s people could be like. But he could hardly blame them. If someone tried to take just one box of his supplies he would be crazier than a bear with a thorn in its paw. There’s no way he could stand by and watch it happen week after week, even if it cost him his life.

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“Oh, Joy” || Jily.

My God I haven’t written Jily in so long… this is a combination of pointless plot and me avoiding studying at any and all costs, but I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 6,473 || archiveofourown

It was just more wholly unnecessary, but utterly definite proof that French really, truly was the Satan of all subjects. Of course, the events of that atomic disaster of a night could also have been blamed upon her liberal alcohol consumption, or even indeed on the disloyalty of her so-called friends - but their final term together ended in less than two months, and Lily was rendered too emotionally fragile at the thought of having to leave them to truly be angry with any of them.

That and the fact that blaming them for what transpired that night was probably entirely irrational, given that her actions just so happened to be of her own doing – alcohol or no alcohol.

Whoever or whatever was to blame, the fact remained that Lily effectively set her entire life alight on that fateful night, deep in the depths of what was quite possibly the grottiest pub on their side of the river.

And the most startling thing of all was that she didn’t really mind all that much.


Tally: Lily – 05 || James – 03

“Oi – prick-face,” she all but shouted, moving through the crowd with the grace of a mobile armoire. The prick-in-question’s eyebrows raised inquisitively at her greeting.

“Have pigs started flying, Evans? Or did you just voluntarily acknowledge my presence?”

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Your Savior - 21

Thank you all so much for your patience with me on getting this chapter out! Going to Walker Stalker Con was a huge, amazing, time consuming, energy sucking adventure that made it impossible to write! But now I am back and ready for action, freshly full of JDM inspiration!

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Chapter 21


Swearing, serious feels

“It was Davis.”

Immediately Negan tensed around you. You pulled away from his chest slightly to see that his face had gone cold and blank. He wasn’t your Negan anymore; Negan the Leader of the Saviors was back. 

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