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I drew a rabbit. Yay! I haven’t lost my mojo yet. #drawing #digitaldrawing #ipad #procreateapp #wacombamboo #rabbit #hare

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Crit #2 is done!! Here are my illustrations I did for this cri! Based off a story about a young maiden who falls in love with a hare, but he turns out to be a not so good guy. Beware, Beware, to never fall in love with a hare.

Bugs Bunnys to Draw #2

here’s some screencaps from the Looney Tunes short Falling Hare to practice drawing.

these drawings are great for people learning how to draw cartoons because they’re solid, well-constructed with strong poses & line of action. this was one of the first shorts to use the design of Bugs Bunny as we now know him as (earlier Bugs Bunny shorts drew him shorter with slightly different proportions). 

here’s the model sheet to help with Bugs Bunny’s proportions.

this rabbit below isn’t Bugs Bunny but it looks similar & will help as a step-by-step template for how to draw Bugs Bunny. start with the line of action, then the basic shapes, construction lines, etc.

here’s another post full of Bugs Bunny drawings to copy. 

Bugs Bunnys to Draw #1

if you’re having too much difficulty drawing Bugs Bunny to start off with, try drawing characters with simpler designs like Porky Pig or Daffy Duck.

Daffys to Draw #1

Daffys to Draw #2

tag #bugsbunnystodraw to show people your progress.