A'ight so this will be my booth at PCC this year co-run by:

literarytonguetied (thurs-sun)

hardyharharriblepotato (fri-sun)

denko-o-o (fri-sat)

We’ll be in the back of the vendor hall by the lego display across from the starwars neighborhood.
come by and say hi, or explicitly ignore this area that’s cool too

we have dumb stuff and 4 different drawing styles

lit will taking a few fic commissions (because she is a writing goddess)

hater the tater specializes in cat/fox tails

denko has dango falling out her ears and can star wars you to death

it’ll be an experience


This is my entry for the “Design your Demon” contest hosted by the creator of Ava’s Demon, Michelle Czajkowski.

 The demon never told me her name, I’m not sure if she ever had one, so I called her “The Sleeping Lady” or just Lady for short.

In life she was a gentle being who spent most her time sleeping her days away in vivid lucid dreaming. The water that flowed throughout her body symbolized her imagination pouring from her mind and encompassing her whole being. Despite her powerful mental capabilities, she failed to understand the importance of her physical body. The solid rock that grounded her in reality was slowly being eroded away by the rushing waters overflowing from her ice caps.

After death, her soul was attached to a human child, me. She convinced me that reality is simply a distraction, and that our real purpose in life lies within our dreams. In the image above, Lady is shown casting a deep sleep on my younger self, sweeping me away to a realm of my own creation, far away from the worries and obligations of the world. However, similar to Lady’s own situation, I would loose myself in my own reverie, and underestimate the importance of living in reality.