It seems like now a days when you bring up the name Hardy ppl think of the negativity that comes with it. Its sad to say that long gone are the days when you could bring up the name Hardy and all you could think about are the TLC matches they’ve had or the amazing tag matches. Now all that’s brought up are Jeffs legal issues and Matts strange attention grabbing cryptic twitter or youtube entries. All of which takes away from the in ring ability of both men. The Internet Wrestling Community(or IWC) is so caught up in there personal lives that when they watch a match involving these two men all that’s going thru there mind is “how high is Jeff right now” or “look how slow and out of shape Matt is”. As a fan this sickens me. I feel that unless your in the Hardy house hold you will NEVER know what goes on. The IWC is notorious for for blowing things way out of proportion and over reacting on little things before they know all the facts. As a fan I would like to say that I’m happy that Jeff Hardys legal issues are somewhat resolved and I’m looking forward to seeing Jeff Hardy back on track putting on one hell of a show. As for Matt Hardy, it saddens me to see him walk away from full time wrestling. But for his health its for the best. At the end of the day Matt & Jeff will be know as one of the greatest teams assembled.

-The Blackstallion