hardy tower


“There is a size at which dignity begins,“ he exclaimed; "further on there is a size at which grandeur begins; further on there is a size at which solemnity begins; further on, a size at which awfulness begins; further on, a size at which ghastliness begins. That size faintly approaches the size of the stellar universe. So am I not right in saying that those minds who exert their imaginative powers to bury themselves in the depths of that universe merely strain their faculties to gain a new horror?”
Thomas Hardy, Two on a Tower


So sorry for this long post - but London was absolutely amazing!

(Here, have some photos!)

My heart broke when we had to leave! </3


#tbt  just Mad Max hanging out with Han Solo, nbd  (x)

30 April 2014 | Harrison Ford and Tom Hardy were at the Tower of London to help the Royal Marines launch an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous drum roll | It was a charity event to celebrate the Royal Marines’ 350th birthday and raise funds for injured servicemen. Note: they smashed the record. :) 👏  💪 👏