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Hardy x Hannah prompt: gossip is swarming broadchurch about Hardy's new girlfriend. All is hypothetical until they're caught red-handed :o lol. Have fun and thanks :)

All in all

700 words


Why can’t I write anything with a normal amount of emotion for these two? (Because I love them so much, that’s why.)

Hardy looked up from his computer screen to find Hannah standing in his office doorway.

“What are you doing here?”

“Brought you lunch.”

Hardy frowned, she wasn’t the type to cook for him.

“Well, bought you lunch.” She held up an M&S plastic bag.

“That’s more like it.”

He removed his glasses and stood up to greet her properly, but he noticed his coworkers trying to casually peer into his office.

“Bloody rubberneckers.”

Hannah’s arrival in Broadchurch a week ago had people talking like only small town peeps could. She was younger than him and way out of his league. Speculations abounded as to the nature of their relationship: sister, mistress, witness, prostitute.  Of course, Hannah loved to provoke these rumours as evidenced by her see-through blue blouse— not that he was complaining.

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